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Smartphone Pot Hole Spotter

Posted 23/03/2012 in News centre

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Car transporters companies who are used to ferrying around vehicles without getting them damaged will be pleased to hear that a new idea to spot and report pot holes using smartphone technology, might soon become a reality. Car transporters companies despair of unrepaired roads and potholes which can cause damage to their vehicle as well as the load. The technology is encompassed in an App called Street Bump and it will undergo trials in Bristol. The creators of the App, which firstly pinpoints a pothole and then automatically sends a report to the relevant council, gave a presentation to Ministers who were interested to give it a trial. The smartphone detects a pothole via its motion sensor which detects the jolts and fires back a report. Ministers reckon it could save millions by telling councils where to direct their resources, although others argue that it will increase the number of claims for compensation which last year topped £20 million. Other reactions have been mixed, with some asking just how a smartphone can differentiate a pothole from a speed bump, or other road furniture; and, motoring organisations saying it all sounds good, but does not get to the root of the problem.  Removals companies’ drivers are amongst those who are concerned that the true cost of the pot holes are being borne by the road users and not the local authorities. It is a common problem throughout many parts of the European transport system and its believed that the total cost to rectify all the potholes in the UK alone is £10 billion.

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