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The courier servicesteam at Anyvan is reminding man and van operations and delivery companies that from tomorrow, large vans and minibuses which are past their tenth birthday could face a £100 daily charge to drive around in Greater London.

The fine is applicable if the vehicles fail to comply with the latest pollution limits.

The Low Emission Zone covers the majority of roads within the M25.

But it’s not just vans and minibuses which are being targeted; all large vehicles which fail to meet the standards (and that includes lorries and buses) will be hit by a £200 fine. Black taxi cabs which are over 15 years are also set to be banned from the roads.

It’s reckoned that about 10% of the total fleet of commercial vehicles will be affected.

The new pollution limits have been set by the European Union and should have been introduced far earlier than tomorrow say many pressure groups. This they claim has led to some of the Capitals’ worse pollution levels for years.

London has been accused of not only dragging it’s feet when it comes introducing the tougher new measures, but also failing to help individuals and companies replace their vehicles.

Darren Johnson, a Green Party member for the London Assembly, said:
“The mayor has failed to help out hard-pressed individuals and small businesses by funding a targeted scrappage and conversion scheme.”

Operators of aging vehicles are said to be frustrated and vexed as to how they are meant to replace their fleet with more modern examples at a time of such economic austerity.

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