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Now here’s an idea we could try in London reckons the courier servicesteam at Anyvan. The city of Leipzig, which is in Eastern Germany, has begun an experiment to see if it can woo car drivers from their vehicles.

For four days, the courier services team reads, car drivers who usually commute into the city can use public transport for free to get into work. Which means they can use the buses, trams and trains to see how easy it is to commute; maybe persuading them to leave their vehicles for good.

Leipzig, like many cities within the European transportnetwork, has a congestion problem and hopes initiatives like this will work to promote the idea of public transport.

A spokesperson for the Leipzig Transport Service, Ulf Middelberg, said:
“Because we can provide a true alternative, we are telling drivers to leave their cars at home and get on public transport.”

He continued:
“Commuters who use us regularly have already made the right decision. Now we would like to invite drivers to use us for four days after Easter at no cost and without stress.”

Cutting private traffic down in a city would certainly help delivery companies for example, but doubters were quick to point out that in London, such a scheme would overload the existing public transport system and that most private motorists would still prefer their own cars, to a bus, or train.

The promotion is called “Down with the Petrol Price Insanity – Time to Switch.”

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