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The courier services team at Anyvan is worried that a recent report about the stability of the Sat-Nav system might prove to be very true.

It begs the question, one taken seriously by the Anyvan courier services team, as to whether we could cope on the roads without our Sat-Nav systems.

The Sat-Nav has become so indispensible, that many motorists rely on them totally to find their way around and should the system collapse, we’d be driving around literally lost. And so bad is the problem, that many motorists no longer know how to read maps, or understand basic navigation techniques.

This might seem slightly alarmist, but when you hear about the numerous stories of lorry drivers getting stuck down country tracks because the Sat-Nav told them to go there (and no doubt costing Delivery Companies a fortune), you can only worry what would actually happen with millions of lost vehicles trolling around the UK road network.

The report – and dire warnings which could affect everyone from the guy next door to the man and van operations – is published by the Royal Academy of Engineering and is not just about the collapse of the Sat-Nav system, but all manner of systems we take for granted: mobile telephone, banking and search and rescue, to name but a few.

It all comes down to the supposed vulnerability of the Global Navigation and Satellite System which controls the Global Positioning System which operates Sat-Nav and a whole host of other gizmos.

And a cataclysmic event – which could bring down the systems – could be caused by a coronal mass ejection (that’s a solar super storm to the rest of us – one is predicted soon), or by some clever terrorists who know how to throw the correct switch and fuse the system.

Apparently, if the system goes down, it’s not only road vehicles that might get lost, but planes in the sky and ships at sea. The world could have a major headache.

So, says the courier services team at Anyvan, let’s keep our fingers crossed that the satellites stay up there, otherwise it’s not going to be much fun at all.

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