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Further rises in the cost of fuel are seemingly inevitable believes the Anyvan courier services team as the price of oil starts to climb again on the news that not only will Japan have a huge energy demand, but unrest in Bahrain is making dealers nervous.

The courier services team at Anyvan is concerned that unless the Government can take some stress out of the price, the implications for the transport sector are going to be extremely serious.

What that means directly for your vehicle can be calculated by using the AnyvanFuel Price Impact Evaluator.

As to the cost of the raw material, Brent crude futures are up in the $115 region and US light crude broke $100.

Libyan oil production is at zero and will likely remain that way for some time. Bahrain is now suffering unrest and the big concern is that the trouble will spread to Saudi Arabia which earlier calmed market fears about shortages by saying it can up production significantly and make up the shortfall. But as one analyst pointed out, Saudi Arabia is part of the problem itself, so as Bahrain tensions increase, so does worries that the problem will spread.

So this is more angst for the delivery companies sector which, alongside other industrial areas, is feeling the pressure not only because of the economic downturn, but because of the endless rise in fuel prices.

And it’s not just the UK which is feeling the pinch, the whole European transportsector is facing a crisis regarding the cost of fuel.

The UK Government remains slightly coy about what it intends to do to help, but as a nation, on the upside, the tax revenues increase significantly when fuel prices go up, as the Treasury rakes in more from every litre of petrol, or diesel. The problem is, that people are beginning to think that the Government might be balancing the hardship felt by its peoples, against the good that higher prices mean for the country’s coffers.

But Anyvan courier services team argues that the consumer of fuel cannot shoulder the burden for much longer and unless the Government relieves the stress, the economic recovery, already in the balance, is likely to wobble.

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