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Massive increase in Londoners moving overseas

Our latest research shows a staggering 64% increase in the amount of Londoners looking to move overseas.  The latest statistics show migration demand from the capital since the start of 2018. The figures highlight the huge increase in movers going overseas, but also has interesting insights into UK based hotspots for those moving out of the capital.

Migration from London is at its highest ever level”

Bedford has seen the biggest demand change in the UK, with an increase of 40%. With average house prices in the area at just over £321,000, the area is a popular hotspot for those escaping the capital to the commuter zone.

Peterborough might be 80 miles from the capital, but with a quick 55 minute direct train connection into Kings Cross, it’s easy to understand why it’s third on the list with an increase of 37% since January.

Coastal locations in the UK are also proving popular, with Norfolk up 35%, Cornwall up 34% and Devon up 33%.  

The North is also seeing huge leaps in popularity, with our research showing that half of the biggest removal hotspots in 2018 are for the Midlands and beyond. Derby demand is up 34% since the turn of the year with Northumberland and Manchester both up 33%,  North Yorkshire follows at 32% and both Lincolnshire and Leeds are up 30%.

The year on year demand trends show a similar trend, with North Lanarkshire and Darlington both seeing an increase of over 100% and Peterborough up 92%. The northeast scored high with Sunderland up 89%, Durham up 79% and East Riding up 73%. Areas of the Northwest also scored high with north Liverpool area Sefton up 79% and Blackpool up 72%.

Angus Elphinstone, CEO of AnyVan commented “Migration from London is at its highest ever level,  according to ONS records and we’re certainly seeing this increase in demand at AnyVan. Our most popular destinations moving out of the London continue to be Hertfordshire and Berkshire, but it is locations in the north that have seen a healthy increase in demand since the turn of the year.

“Capital property prices are likely to be a big factor in all of this, pushing out buyers who can not afford to buy and also owners cashing in their equity to buy in cheaper locations throughout the UK.

AnyVan - Move Anything, Anywhere.
No matter what you are moving: from a King-Sized bed to a framed picture of the Queen; a Grand Piano to a classic Capri; we’ll take care of it all the way from Penzance to Peterhead and beyond.
Save up to 75% on your deliveries and removals.

Whoa! A baby born today could pay £1.2m for their first home

Today we released statistics showing a baby born today could face stumping up £1.2 million to buy their first home.

Our research highlighted that when a child born today reaches the age of 32, the average first time buyer age in the UK, their first home could cost £1.2 million if property prices increase the same way they have done since 1986.


For those looking to buy their first property, it might be a welcome relief to see house price growth slowing and prices falling, especially for new buyers in London. With average property prices in the capital growing from £55,000 in 1986 to £476,752 today, using the same trend will put a whopping £4.1 million price tag on the average London home in 2050.

With the ever-growing demands on the bank of mum and dad, a vast number of parents have to financially contribute to allow their children to get a foot on the property ladder. If property prices were to increase to the ludicrous levels of this research, it’s crazy to think a 20% house deposit (£240,000) in 2050 would be higher than the average house price today (£214,578).

Angus Elphinstone, CEO of AnyVan.com commented “Our research highlights how the property market has rocketed since the mid-1980’s when an average home cost just £37k.

We are now faced with a younger generation finding it very difficult to save the amount of money they need to be able to afford their first home. But, the next generation is likely to be even harder.

It’s interesting to daydream about what it could be like moving into your first home in the year 2050. Will there still be estate agents, payments using cryptocurrency, biometric access instead of keys and a fleet of drones landing on the roof to deliver your moving day boxes and furniture.

AnyVan - Move Anything, Anywhere.
No matter what you are moving: from a King-Sized bed to a framed picture of the Queen; a Grand Piano to a classic Capri; we’ll take care of it all the way from Penzance to Peterhead and beyond.
Save up to 75% on your deliveries and removals.

How to Upcycle an old Drawer

AnyVan has teamed up with Lynne Lambourne of Love Nellie to bring you a new Ultimate Upcycling Trilogy with perfectly easy ‘how-to’ transformation guides. We are excited to bring you the second instalment of our trilogy which offers a step-by-step guide for Upcycling an old drawer and turn it into a shelf – Easy and fun to make!

Sometimes you find a lovely piece of furniture, but it’s just beyond my upcycling skills to repair, but think twice before sending it all off to the dump. Old drawers can be upcycled easily, and one easy and fun idea is to turn them into shelves!

Old drawers are often very well made and are much more visually appealing than an average boring MDF box shelf on your wall. The creative possibilities are endless! They can be painted any colour to suit your interiors, and you can always inject a pop of colour to the base by adding some stylish wallpaper to make things interesting. Here are few ideas that inspired me.

how to upcycle an old drawer

Image Credit: Hometalk

How to upcycle an old drawer

Image Credit: Shades of Grey

I wanted to create some extra space to store my ever growing (now slightly out of control!) plant collection, and although the chest of drawers I had salvaged may have been a bit beyond repair, the drawers were perfectly good. It was simple to do, it only took and few hours and cost pennies. So here goes…

You will need;

  • Old Draw
  • Chalk paint and brush.
  • Furniture wax
  • A small piece of Wallpaper- an offcut or even wrapping paper could work
  • Glue
  • Hanging hooks

Here’s just how easy it is.

How to upcycle an old drawer

  1. Firstly, find yourself an old draw.
  2. Wipe the drawer down before you start painting. Get rid of any dust, cobwebs and bits that may mess up your paintwork. Preparation is always essential to these things and helps create a professional finish. Once clean, choose your chalk paint and get to work on your drawer in your chosen colour. No need to paint the base as that will be where you are going to pop your wallpaper. I would suggest using two coats of paint so that you get a nice and even finish.How to upcycle an old drawer
  3. Once the paint has dried, sand down your drawer. This adds a bit of detail to the edges and gives a hint of distress and age to the overall look.How to upcycle an old drawer
  4. Next, apply the furniture wax to seal the paint in and protect it. Massage the wax in with an old cloth, the colour of the paint will darken very slightly but it will preserve the draw from any knocks. You don’t want all your hard work getting ruined!How to upcycle an old drawer
  5. Pick your chosen piece of wallpaper or wrapping paper. Botanical prints are fashionable at the moment, and as I was making my shelf, I picked a beautiful print from B&Q. The larger, more vibrant prints have a massive impact as they can be seen from far away.
  6. Mark around the drawer on the wallpaper and then cut out the piece of paper to fit snugly into the base of the drawer.How to upcycle an old drawer
  7. Once you have the correct size and shape that you need, use some sharp scissors and neatly cut the piece of paper.  I used decoupage glue to stick the wallpaper to the base of the drawer. Other types and brands of glue or spray mount would do the job, but I like the decoupage glue as it does not dry too fast and allows you to move the paper a bit like wallpaper paste until it is in the right place. Leave to dry. This is a great time to pop the kettle on!!!How to upcycle an old drawer
  8. Had a brew? It’s time to attach the brackets to hang the shelf – it’s easy, promise! Pilot drill a small hole for the screw to go into on the back of the shelf and then screw the bracket on.How to upcycle an old drawer
  9. Once you have your hooks safely fastened on, next drill two holes in the wall that match up with the bracket width and you are good to go. It’s now styling time!

How to upcycle an old drawer

Although my shelf is used for plants, these shelves could be used for anything; extra space for books, ornaments or to display trinkets. I believe that drawer-shelves can add a fascinating feature to any wall, and arranging several different draws together on the wall can form an impressive wall unit.

How to upcycle an old drawer

It’s an easy project that children can get involved in too! One of the children in my Upcycling Bootcamp made the fantastic design below. She uses her drawer-shelf to store her art supplies and slime ingredients!

How to upcycle an old drawer

Over to you folks, it’s time to get creative! Happy making.

If you need a helping hand getting your newly upcycled projects or materials back home, get in touch with AnyVan today for a free quote! We move anything, anywhere.

AnyVan - Move Anything, Anywhere.
No matter what you are moving: from a King-Sized bed to a framed picture of the Queen; a Grand Piano to a classic Capri; we’ll take care of it all the way from Penzance to Peterhead and beyond.
Save up to 75% on your deliveries and removals.

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AnyVan - Move Anything, Anywhere.
No matter what you are moving: from a King-Sized bed to a framed picture of the Queen; a Grand Piano to a classic Capri; we’ll take care of it all the way from Penzance to Peterhead and beyond.
Save up to 75% on your deliveries and removals.

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