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The Tour de France is over and the courier services team at ANYVAN are sad to see it go, not least because the Manx Missile will be off our screens for a little while. Transport to France just won’t be the same for a few months.

Mark Cavendish took the final stage of this year’s Tour de France – including laps around Paris – and he clocked up his fourth stage win, but came away with no jersey, neither yellow, green, polka dot, nor white (denoting, in order, the overall winner, points winner, mountain points winner and best young rider).
Ironically, the winner, Spaniard Contador, didn’t win one stage, which shows you how it’s all based on time. The rider with the best overall time gets the yellow jersey and is crowned the overall winner.
Cavendish might be the best sprinter by far, but an early fall and his reluctance to chase every point in the various stages (not just at the race finish, but spread over the course), means the Manx Missile missed out yet again on the Green jersey. He actually came in 154th place; nothing unusual as sprinters such as Cavendish are not built to handle the Tour’s many mountainous stages.
The Tour de France favours the all-rounder and if a rider cannot stay  with the peloton on the big climbs, then they cannot win the race.
Transport to France is a key part of our business and the great thing about the Tour de France, is reminds us all what a great country is just on our doorstep. The courier services team spends quite a bit of its time helping people plan delivery auction trips to and from France and we’re happy to get involved with any advice, or help.
So that’s it for another year. No more fantastic helicopter shots, no more superb French countryside on our screens everyday and no more strange men running alongside the riders trying to impress European viewers with their manhood. We won’t forget those three guys in Borat swimming costumes in a long while!

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