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In the vast city of London, it could be a daunting task to find a vendor for your London courier requirement who could offer assurance of professional service along with the best rates in the region. One might have to spend a long time looking at local search results and talking to different vendors, negotiating over the rates. AnyVan has now simplified the process extensively for you.

• AnyVan has a vast network of London courier services and removal companies which means you don’t have to head to several different sources to find leads and contact details for various service providers.
• AnyVan employs an effective bidding process which means that you don’t have to negotiate for better rates, simply because the vendors would bid for your requirement and are bound to offer excellent rates to ward off competition.
• AnyVan network includes reputed vendors, who will assuredly give you the best possible service and rates that would suit your budget.
• AnyVan also allows you to benefit from the experience of other customers, through a feedback and rating system that will help you take a judgment call on the vendors listed in the AnyVan network and participating in the bidding process.

AnyVan has developed a foolproof system which provides the best possible chance for customers to find the most professional and low cost London courier companies. The immense competition between hundreds of vendors means that customers will always benefit from lower prices. Moreover, with several vendors plying their trade across the country and beyond, there is always an opportunity for optimization of resources and therefore cost effective services, that will benefit the customers.

To start with, the customer looking for London courier services has to post his or her requirement at the AnyVan site. This post is opened to the listed vendors in the network, who will look at the requirement and provide quotes based on their own calculations, capacity and feasibility. The bidding process involves plenty of vendors which will give the customer a good idea of what the likely charges should be. Moreover, the customer can also give due consideration to the ratings of each of the vendors bidding for the order. This rating given to the vendors from past customers is a fair reflection of the quality of services that you can expect from the couriers. This also helps the customer in making a well informed decision.


Accepting the right quote for London couriers is a simple enough task at AnyVan. Customer can review the various quotes offered by different vendors through the bidding process employed at AnyVan. You can simultaneously compare different vendors based on the cost as well as the reputation and track record, which will help you in making a far better decision. Depending on your own criteria and preference you can zero in on any one vendor whose bid you could select by clicking on the “accept” button next to the bid.

At this juncture the customer will be requested to make a small deposit payment after which information about the vendor will be released. The customer and the selected London courier company can discuss the details of the requirement and come to a mutual understanding. This discussion will also give the customer a fair idea of what can be expected. Thus the AnyVan system of bidding and selection of a vendor saves plenty of time as the customer needs to liaise with just one vendor in the end, p

Feedback is extremely important in the AnyVan system. In fact, it is one of the focal points around which the whole service revolves. The bidding process involves customers reviewing vendors’ bids for the requirement. However, with so many London courier services, selection on the basis of mere bids isn’t easy. Moreover, some vendors could quote lower prices to win bids and later incorporate hidden charges which could lead to much confusion.

The feedback system is in place to ensure that professional vendors are rewarded for good customer service while average vendors who are not committed to high standards of customer service lose out in the fray. Moreover, the benefit offered by AnyVan system is that customers don’t have to actually deal with a vendor to judge the kind of services that might be offered.

One customer’s experience could be a learning opportunity for all other customers who use the AnyVan system in order to find a vendor for their London courier requirement. Hence, the feedback is extremely important and every customer is requested to provide it after the completion of the assignment. This will make the selection process far easier for other customers who would rely on the ratings heavily.

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