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3 Pallets 1700 Kgs Total

Collection: London, EC1V Number of bids:
Delivery: London, W1F Lowest bid:
Listing ends: This listing has ended  
Distance: Distance unknown Pickup date: As soon as possible
Time:   Delivery date: As soon as possible
  User: Info836 (3)

Item details

3 Pallets 1700 Kgs Total (Freight approx weight 1700kg)

Type: Freight

Number of pallets: 3

Approx weight: 1700kg

Approx volume: Unspecified


There have been no bids so far on this listing.


Makson Completed over 70 jobs + minimum 95% positive feedback (95) said (22/05/2012)

Hello. How are you?

We are a specialist company " UK and European Removals".

Check our feedbacks (Removals only in Uk/ Europe)

Please contact prior to accepting if you are happy with the bid.

Payment on delivery time .

Uk and European Removals


Scania90 Completed over 250 jobs + minimum 95% positive feedback AnyVan Accredited (320) said (21/05/2012)

hi there we can have extra long wheel base at collection point just after dinner tomorrow afternoon regards chris

Info836 (3) said (21/05/2012)

Not stackable it is W1

ENLOG AnyVan Accredited (218) said (21/05/2012)


Are the pallets stackable ? Could you provide the postal code for London or part of the post code.

Many thanks