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Courier Work: UK Pros And Cons

Posted 19/10/2011 in Courier services

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Finding courier work in the UKIf you’ve decided to try making money your own way, you’ve probably looked at courier work. UK regulations only require you to be insured for the price of the goods in your vehicle. In that respect it’s very easy to get started with, and as long as you have a decent, roadworthy vehicle and the correct insurance, you’ll probably get reasonably far with simply searching for ‘courier work UK‘ online. If you’re having trouble finding jobs, then you may wish to look at some particular types of websites that can help you find courier work. UK sites include ANYVAN.com, which while it isn’t specifically for courier start ups, can help any company get jobs. All you have to do is bid well on items and make sure that you’ve got a good rating (the website is community powered) from previous customers. There are thousands of jobs listed there, and you can pick and choose the best ones for you, when you need to do it. Slightly different to this is aggregate freelance courier services, which will help you find courier work in the UK. These are sites that can, essentially, give (or sell) you a franchise to deliver things across the UK. They will help with things like insurance and be able to give you an amount of work, but not always when you want to do it, and usually they will take a much more substantial cut of the job price. Still, there is a value to this, in that you can almost instantly become part of a brand. The other useful option is to find a niche. While you wont be able to transport people under your freelance courier insurance, you will be able to transport goods to people from particular places. Arranging a weekly delivery slot with local florists or furniture sellers is a great way to guarantee courier work in the UK. A combination of those three methods should give you enough jobs to create a more than reasonable living. Good luck. If you’re looking for local couriers and delivery companies, try ANYVAN.com for FREE quotes from thousands of rated and reviewed transport providers.

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