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Eco Friendly Tips for Back to School

Posted 20/10/2014 in Eco Friendly Tips

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Well half term is over and it’s back to school time for the kids! Now is the best time to start being a little more Eco friendly, help save a bit of money for Christmas as well as helping the environment. Here are a few tips we have for you:349C4E9AEEB648D696254531422BAB68
  • Try get some reusable lunch items like a lunch box, water bottle etc. Don’t use plastic bags each day, stick to the same reusable lunch box.
  • Prepare school lunches made from whole foods instead of any processed items, especially items which come in single-use packages.
  • If you live close to your children’s school try get them to walk to school if possible, or even bike. Anything that avoids you wasting your time and petrol.
  • Just because the kids have been off school for a week doesn’t mean they need new school supplies. Try avoid buying new supplies until you absolutely have to. The normal supplies should last years, not months!
  • Buy canvas and cardboard binders instead of plastic ones.
  • When your kids have grown out of their uniform instead of just throwing them away, donate them!
  • Try organising to share the after school pick up duties with other parents. There’s no need for three cars to be driving to and from the same places.
  • Get your kids to reuse their backpacks, if they want them to look a little different why not decorate them or re-colour them.
  • Using refillable pens and pencils.
  • When your kids have finishing any computer homework make sure they turn it off rather than leaving it on standby.
  • Use recycled paper.

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