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Posted 21/10/2014 in Man and Van

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It's important to maintain your vehicle to the highest standard as it could save you money and make your van safer. This is especially important for man and van services who spend a lot of time on the road. Each of these three areas needs to be regularly checked.

Under the Bonnet

Small checks such as checking the oil level are important because they can stop expensive problems such as your engine seizing up.

Every time the tank is filled the oil level should be checked. Every 3,000 miles the fan belt, brake fluid, hoses, cooling belt, steering fluid and transmission fluid need to be checked. On top of this, any knocks, squeaks and rattles which occur should be reported immediately as early attention can save you money on repairs.


Tyres are often ignored but they shouldn’t be because they need to be in optimum condition in order to be more efficient. The key to long tyre life is keeping them at the correct pressure. Tyre pressure should be checked once a week to make sure that they have not deflated. They should also be adjusted for long journeys on the motorway. Tyres that are not inflated properly need to work much harder. This can reduce the life of your tyre by 20%, and significantly increase running costs. This will also increase fuel consumption by around 3%.

Drivers should always check regularly for foreign items that may have become embedded in their tyres. They should also always carry a spare just in case they get a flat.

Tyres that are older than 6 years old should be inspected to make sure that they are still safe to drive on. Older tyres can lose their grip which is a hazard to the driver and the people around them.


If a chip appears in your windscreen, this should be reported immediately because, while a repair costs around £70 or less, a replacement can cost anything up to £1,000. Drivers should check their screens every day. This will only take a second. 99% of windscreen breakages start with a small chip that has been ignored. It is estimated that one in four vans are currently driving round with chips that could be repaired. You should not put off a repair because they can only be carried out on recently chipped screens.

It is recommended that you do not opting for cheap windscreen replacements because cheap screens sometimes do not fit properly. This means that in the event of an accident, the screen will pop out, meaning greater risk for the driver and passengers.

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