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Most of us are always looking for the cheapest and easiest ways to solve life’s many problems. If we were to constantly pay for solutions to simple, yet irritating, household issues we’d quickly find ourselves in mountains of debt!

So, as fans of money saving hacks, we’ve decided to help you tackle this issue, with 9 simple upcycling hacks!

Having trouble with noisy cupboards and loud slamming drawers? Thinly slice a corkscrew and stick the slices to the troublesome doors. Problem solved. Corkscrews are also great for decorative DIY, as seen on Buzzfeed.




Happen to have some spare blackboard chalk lying around? Store it with costume jewellery or silverware (including cutlery) to prevent it from tarnishing. The chalk will absorb the moisture. For the best results, be sure to change the chalk every few months.




life-hacks-38Toilet Rolls
Toilet roll tubes possess many uses, and are a staple in all households. Besides being used for artsy decorations, as seen on Pinterest, they are also great for keeping things, such as wires and cables, neat and organised.




il_fullxfull.345669288Cheese grater
A more obscure household item, if you happen to have a spare or broken cheese grater you’re thinking of throwing out, think twice. Cheese graters are great for storing earrings in an easy-to-see, clutter free fashion. Think of them as a tie hanger for earrings.




11-winerackCoffee Cans/Tins
If you’re a big coffee fan and find yourself buying large tins of coffee, then this next tip is definitely for you. Coffee cans can be used for everything from decorations to kitchen utensils, as seen on sewlicioushomedé, however our favourite use of upcycled coffee cans is to make a simple and cheap wine rack.




If you’re a big DIY fan, then wooden pallets are the perfect tool to release some of your upcycling creativity. Pallets are very versatile in their use and are perfect for making unique furniture and decorations, as seen on (Click here). You can pick up cheap pallets online and get them delivered here.




tomato-ketchup_300Ketchup Bottle
Anyone who makes pancakes will be aware of how messy it can be to pour batter into a frying pan. To avoid this, clean out an old squeezy ketchup bottle and use it to squirt your batter into the pan. If you’re making pancakes with kids, this may be one of the safest ways to get them involved.




Finally, a more practical as opposed to decorative tip. If you’ve got a small sink, you’ll be well aware of how difficult it can be to fill up a container or mop bucket. A simple yet ingenious solution is to use an old (clean) dustpan, which is designed to snap into a broom handle, to create a channel to funnel the water into the container, mess free.



So there you have it. No need to throw out all those bits and pieces you have lying around the house. Whether it be an everyday item such as a toilet roll tube, or a bulky pallet, you now have an idea of just how easy it is to put them to good use!

Need to move
anything anywhere?

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