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To say last year was eventful might be an understatement, but it wasn’t just international news stories that were trending… Some of the most iconic trends of the year were home decor ideas and we’ve seen some amazingly cool things in some of the 1,000s of homes we’ve helped people move in and out of.

Rose Gold anyone?

Most of these trends will be slowly fading out in the coming months, which paves the way for some amazing, new, fresh home decor ideas in the new year. Want to know more? We’ve put together a list of our predictions, and what you should expect to be seeing much more of in this new year.

The best bit? These are all home decor projects you can take on yourself. You don’t necessarily need a big budget or loads of time – you can make these a weekly or monthly project, towards upgrading your home.

Smart-Home Features 📱

We know technology is advancing quicker than many of us can keep up with – and it’s likely to keep up at the same pace in the new year. Adding and incorporating new smart-home features into your home decor is a great way to not only update the way it looks, but upgrade the way you use things, and your efficiency too.

Try putting in USB charge points alongside traditional plugs, for a super simple starting point. Another great idea we’ve seen are tablets that can control every aspect of a house and the technology inside it.

However, if you want something simple that doesn’t require an electrician or re-wiring, then take a look at smart home appliances, such as this charging lamp from IKEA. It eliminates the needs for messy wires, and you can blend the charging spots throughout your home effortlessly.

Trending Home Decor Projects for 2017

Image credit: IKEA USA

Quirky Light Features 💡

This can be something you do yourself (DIY style), something you buy from stores like Etsy, or something you source from local artists or creatives. Whichever option you go for – creative lighting fixtures are definitely going to be on trend this coming year. Think recycled items such as bottles, or bright colourful shapes and designs.

The great thing about lighting? It blends so perfectly into any room – because every room needs to be lit. For larger rooms, go for a stand-out style that takes up space and demands to be seen – like the mix and match lampshades in the photo below. For smaller rooms, you could opt for something small but original.

Trending Home Decor Projects for 2017

Image credit: Not On The High Street 

Natural Edges 🌱

Here we’re talking about beautiful, rough cut, natural surfaces that haven’t necessarily been built into their surroundings. For example – and this has to be our favourite idea – placing a rough-cut of marble on your kitchen surface. You don’t need to get it shaped, filed or fitted – the whole point of this trend is for it to look a little out of place.

The same works with wood, on a much cheaper price point. Instead of purchasing polished and primed wood, go for something a little more rustic and rugged. You don’t necessarily have to make the entire room rustic and rough-cut, but having a few details can really add character.

Trending Home Decor Projects for 2017

Image credit: DiMagio

Finger Tiles 🛁

The main tiling trend from the previous few years has been reused or imitation ‘subway tiles’. By that, we mean chunky art-deco tiles that were made to look like (or were genuinely reclaimed from) subway stations or tube stations. We still adore this trend, and we see it continuing to inspire – but for those wanting to try their hand at something new, you have to take a look at Finger Tiles.

These are a little more modern and quirky, and you definitely be seeing much more of this style in the year to come. Finger tiles are slimmer than average and can either be stacked in-line or scattered randomly. Both ways look great.

Trending Home Decor Projects for 2017

Image credit: MAD about the HOUSE

Add a Little Greenery 💚

If you hadn’t heard, Pantone announced that ‘Greenery’ was their shade of the year. It’s quite an unusual colour, a cross between forest green and pastel green, and it’s certainly going to make waves in the design world. Expect to see a lot of this shade in the coming months!

Why is this shade great? Well, it’s flexible (great for all rooms of the house), it’s calming, and it’s not over-bearing. We have a feeling this colour will be well embraced by design folk and amateurs alike!

If you want to follow the trend and add a little bit of this new colour to your home decor, you can either dive right in (and paint an entire room!) or start small with little details. A new lamp, curtains or piece of furniture is a great place to begin.

Trending Home Decor Projects for 2017

Image credit: PANTONE

Cork 🍾

Finally, a new texture to become obsessed with this year! Cork is going to be taking over your Pinterest feeds as the new texture you’ll want to incorporate into your home decor. You could embrace the new trend on a small scale (such as cork dining table settings) or go for something a bit bigger…

We’ve seen chalkboard walls, we’ve seen glass walls, we’ve seen plant walls. Now, maybe it’s time for the cork board wall! How incredible is this for a home/office project?

Trending Home Decor Projects for 2017

Image credit: That Gent Mark

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Trending Home Decor Projects for 2017

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