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Upcycled Christmas Tree Ideas

Once again, AnyVan have teamed up with the Queen of Upcycling, Lynne Lambourne of Love Nellie, to spread some Christmas cheer!

A traditional Christmas tree decorated with baubles and lights is a magical sight to behold, but if you’re a little less conventional and don’t feel the need to conform with the norm, unleash your inner festive creativity this year!  There are plenty of beautiful Christmas tree alternatives you can make yourself!  If you are looking for something quirky and creative that won’t break the bank, then we have some easy ideas for you. All we need now is a pinch of enthusiasm and maybe a small glass of mulled wine for inspiration!

Old pallet wood, upcycled bed slats or just random offcuts of wood are perfect to use, and they look charming painted in different colours like this one.  I made mine from old bed slats from a broken bed that I salvaged, painted them in Annie Sloan ‘Paris Grey’ and voila!  For a wintery feel, I used a white wax to give a whitewash effect over the top to finish the tree off.  They are great to pop in the corner of a room and perfect for smaller rooms as they don’t take up much space.

upcycled christmas tree

Making a Christmas tree from a pallet is also super easy as the shape of the tree is already in there – but you need to cut them down!  Mark off the triangle shape of the tree and then use a saw to cut out the shape.

upcycled christmas tree

I used a reciprocating saw to make mine as it cuts the pallet wood easily, I then gave it a good sanding down to get rid of any splinters before painting.

I gave the tree a very light paint in Annie Sloan Pure paint which I had watered down for a whitewash effect.

If the thought of sawing the wood is too much or you don’t have the tools merely paint onto the pallet a shape of a tree and hammer in a few nails to hang the decorations.

upcycled christmas tree

Image Credit: trendhunter.com on Pinterest

Now, this upcycling project may seem like a crazy idea, but it’s effective.  Charity shops are full of old unloved lampshades (as are lots of lofts!) and they make the perfect frame for a Christmas tree – and cost next to nothing. It’s just about collecting the right size ones that can go on top of each other to form a tree shape.

upcycled christmas tree

All you need to do is strip down the lampshades to their metal frames; this is super easy to do. Once you remove all the fabric from the frames, it’s time to wire them together making sure to keep them stacked in the Christmas tree shape. Now you are ready to attach lights and baubles, get creative!

upcycled christmas tree

This year, my favourite upcycling idea for the festive season is a ladder tree.

I found a tall old ladder and cut it in half, attaching two hinges to the top of the ladders to keep them together.  A bit of Annie Sloan paint on the ladders to give a vintage, and then I decorated them.  I used clear cotton attached to the rungs of the ladder to make an invisible frame that I could hang the babbles on.  I think it looks so lovely when lit up and such a great way to use an old ladder – second-hand sites are full of old ladders that cost next to nothing and can put to good use year after year.

upcycled christmas tree

These ideas demonstrate how nifty alternative Christmas trees can be, with the average Christmas tree costing around £70.00 they could also save you a pretty penny. Let’s face it, despite all we do to keep a real Christmas tree alive if someone sneezes too close to it after day five most of the pine needles are on your floor – but not with one of these creations. Christmas is a time when families come together, this year in the lead up to Christmas designing and making your very own individual tree would be a lovely activity.  Don’t get out the scrabble board – get pallet hunting and tag us in on all your creative trees. Merry Christmas you creative lot!

AnyVan - Move Anything, Anywhere.
No matter what you are moving: from a King-Sized bed to a framed picture of the Queen; a Grand Piano to a classic Capri; we’ll take care of it all the way from Penzance to Peterhead and beyond.

Save £64 for each extra commuting minute by moving to the commuter zone


We’ve released our latest research highlighting families renting in London could save up to £64 a minute by moving to the commuter zone. The research has used the price of renting a regular 3 bedroom family property in the capital against a similar house in a commuter town.

The cost of property in London is high, especially for working families which rent their family home. For those of us who work in Central London, adding just a few minutes to a commute can save hundreds of pounds each month. But where can you move to which gives you a similar commute time plus a similar sized property?

Woking offered the biggest saving per minute for a property move. There are a number of rental homes close to Woking station and with its quick train link to Waterloo, the commute time from your front door can be as little as 28 minutes. There are decent savings to be made, roughly £191 a month in comparison to living in Colliers Wood which can have a 25-minute journey into Zone 1. This means a saving of £64 for each minute added to the commute time.

St Albans is another known commuter hotspot, with a non-stop service into London. Commute time from a property close to the main station could see you at Kings Cross in just 23 minutes, which is actually only five minutes more than if you lived up the Victoria line in Walthamstow. This switch could see you save £31 per minute with a monthly saving of £157.

The biggest potential monthly saving shown in this research was £589, by moving from South Clapham to beautiful Berkhamsted. A similar saving could be gained by switching homes in South West London, such as Gunnersbury, to Reading. If you’re looking at Reading, be sure to check out Caversham which offers a village feel but is just a few minutes walk from central Reading and the mainline station. A short walk and direct train into London will take just 31 minutes and could save commuters £39 a minute, or £545 per month.

A lesser-known option is Haddenham, a small village close to Thame on the border of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Haddenham offers a direct fast train service which gets you into Marylebone in under 40 minutes. This commute would add just seven minutes in comparison to travelling in via the Bakerloo line from Kenton. This switch would save £45 minute per minute and £315 a month.

Other locations in the research included Bedford against Edgware which had a saving of £45 per minute. Seven Oaks was just four minutes longer than Tooting Bec with a saving of £39 per minute. Kings Langley offers a commute of 29 mins into Euston versus West Finchley at 22 mins. This 7-minute difference could save £41 per minute.

Moving expert Angus Elphinstone, CEO of AnyVan.com commented “ Our research highlights just how much money families who are renting in London could save by moving to a commuter town. Locations like Reading, St Albans and Woking offer rapid direct train links and give movers an option to save money by adding just a couple of minutes to their journey time in comparison to living in Zone 3 or 4. Commuter train tickets can cost upwards of £500, which might seem a bit steep for some, but even with the additional travel costs families can easily save £500 a month by switching London to a commuting hub.

“Our advice before you move anywhere is always do your homework and research the area. We’ve selected areas with available rental properties within a few minutes to walk to the train station as using a car park could add a further £100 per month to a commute.“

AnyVan - Move Anything, Anywhere.
No matter what you are moving: from a King-Sized bed to a framed picture of the Queen; a Grand Piano to a classic Capri; we’ll take care of it all the way from Penzance to Peterhead and beyond.

Win a John Lewis Voucher this Christmas

We are offering one lucky person the chance to win a £200 John Lewis voucher just in time for Christmas! Looking to decorate with some new furniture? We will even help remove the old to make room for the new as our gift to you!

“How do I enter?” we hear you ask – it’s simple! There are TWO ways to enter:

To enter via Facebook; Like, Comment, and Share our competition post.  (See post here!)

To enter via Twitter; Just Follow @AnyVan on Twitter and Retweet our competition post. (See post here!)

Only ONE winner will be picked to win the £200 John Lewis voucher. (Not one per platform.)

Terms and conditions

One winner will be picked at random. You must be over the age of 18 to be eligible to win. There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to enter this competition. You must do ALL of the steps to be eligible (stated above) for your chosen platform. One entry per person, per platform. If you choose to enter on both platforms, only one entry will be taken into consideration. Competition ends at 23:59 on 18th December 2018. All entries made after the closing date will not be valid.

No cash alternative to the John Lewis voucher will be offered. The voucher is non-transferable.

The winner will be chosen at random by the AnyVan team. The winner will be notified via Twitter or Facebook on the 19th December. If the winner cannot be contacted or does not claim the prize within 14 days of notification, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize and pick the next eligible winner. AnyVan’s decision is final and any correspondence will not be entered into.

By entering this competition, participants give AnyVan permission to use their name and picture when announcing the winner on our social media platforms and in any other promotional material.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Twitter, Facebook or John Lewis. You are providing your information to AnyVan and not to any other party.

AnyVan reserves the right to cancel or amend this competition, including its terms and conditions, at any time without notice.

Competition for UK residents only. AnyVan will deliver the vouchers to the customer’s UK address via post or local pick-up at our offices in Hammersmith.

AnyVan - Move Anything, Anywhere.
No matter what you are moving: from a King-Sized bed to a framed picture of the Queen; a Grand Piano to a classic Capri; we’ll take care of it all the way from Penzance to Peterhead and beyond.

56% of Home Movers Fighting to Secure a Place at Top Schools


There is fierce competition to move into the catchment area of top schools, according to new research released by the AnyVan insight team. Our latest research shows that 56% of home movers now strive to live in the catchment of schools ranking high in performance tables.

School admission criteria differs between local authorities, however catchment is usually a key factor.  The level of importance families attribute to local school performance also differs throughout the UK. Londoners scored the highest, with nearly three quarters (72%) of people in the capital indicating local school statistics are an important factor for moving to the area. Manchester came second highest at 63% with Sheffield 62%, Newcastle 59%, Birmingham at 54%, Yorkshire 52%, Liverpool 51%, Southampton 49%, Wales 54% and 59% in Scotland.  Movers in East of England scored the lowest, with just 41% of people in Norwich stating school performance as an important factor.

Focusing solely on primary schools, 52% stated the performance of local primary schools is important when deciding where to live. We see a similar story when looking at secondary schools, with 53% saying it is an important factor when deciding where to live.

Moving expert Angus Elphinstone, CEO of AnyVan.com who have conducted the research commented “We move thousands of families each month, and it’s fair to say a large number of them are moving for the good of their children. The pressure to find a place in popular London schools is intensifying. It can be challenging to find a home in a good catchment area, with some as slim as few hundred square meters which essentially means you need to live within a couple streets of the school to secure a spot for your child.“

AnyVan has also highlighted the best 20 state schools in the country and the house prices in each location. 80 per cent of the top 20 schools in England are based in the Southeast and girls-only secondaries make up half of them overall.  Wembley High Technology College is currently rated as the top school in the Real School Guide.

Local property expert Victor Bryan, director and co-founder of the award-winning Wembley estate agent Bryan Maher & Co, commented: “Wembley High Technology College is known across the local area as one of the best schools in the country. However, because of the entry criteria, there actually isn’t the property premium you have for other schools in the area, especially primary schools.”

AnyVan’s tips to find the best local schools

Here are moving expert Angus Elphinstone, CEO of AnyVan, tips for moving house in order to secure a place at a top school for your children:

1. Visit the schools you are considering

As impressive as a school’s ratings might be, it will still be important to take the time to check it out, along with the local area.

2.Checking the school performance

Any parent knows about Ofsted but to get an in-depth summary of performance you should visit the Gov.uk website. Progress 8 and Attainment 8 scores are important factors you should look for when selecting a secondary school.

3. Admissions criteria

For most state secondary schools, the catchment area will be key but for the best schools you will also have admission tests, sometimes referred to as a ‘transfer test’ or ‘11 plus’. Faith schools may also have slightly different admissions criteria and staffing policies than general state schools.

4. What if my application is denied?

The most common reason for an application to be denied is if the school is oversubscribed, or you live outside the catchment area. About a quarter appeals are successful, so if you have a solid argument it can be well worth trying to appeal. The necessary appeals forms will be available from your local council.

5. Moving during a school year

Known as ‘in-year admissions’, these transfers require a great deal of communication and planning. It will be best to start by contacting the schools and your new local authority to let them know that your child is moving to the area. It will be best to have a few schools in case you struggle to find available spots.

Read more on advice for moving for the best schools or moving home with children.

AnyVan - Move Anything, Anywhere.
No matter what you are moving: from a King-Sized bed to a framed picture of the Queen; a Grand Piano to a classic Capri; we’ll take care of it all the way from Penzance to Peterhead and beyond.

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