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a6472233-1e2e-4686-a0d5-a03ab14808b8With the big day of love just around the corner, singletons and ‘Anti-Valentiners’ are scouring the Internet for ideas on how to spend the day. Whilst all your loved up friends are coupling up over dinner, or spending the night in a bed of roses (yuck!), why should you be at home being bored and feeling lonely?

So, to help you out, your friends here at AnyVan have devised a list of 10 Anti-Valentine’s things for you to do!



1) Go to/host an Anti-Valentines Party
A favourite of singles and Valentine’s haters the world over. If you’re planning on hosting a party, you can get as creative as you want with it, however there are hundreds of parties being hosted in bars, clubs and pubs.
For more info, check out TimeOut and





2) Movie Night
Grab a bunch of your other single friends, snacks and some beer and spend the evening watching movies which are the complete polar opposite to anything Valentine’s related. Hint: Think horror!





3) Watch the football
A tip mainly for the men out there. Count yourself lucky, if you had a significant other you probably wouldn’t be watching the football on Valentine’s Day, so make the most of it!





4) Treat yourself
Whether you’re male or female, why not treat yourself to something you wouldn’t usually do. Think massage, pampering or binge watching Netflix! Make the day all about you.





5) Try something new
Always wanted to try a yoga class, find out how to cook risotto, or even do something more extreme and out of your comfort zone? Well, Valentine’s could be the perfect day to give it a shot. Spend the day honing a new skill and challenging yourself.





6) Volunteer
Valentine’s Day is all about spending the day with a loved one, but what about those who may not have a loved one to spend the day with? Find a place to volunteer, such as a retirement home, and make someone else’s day.





7) Go for a drive
Go for a long drive, either by yourself or with your mates, with no intended destination in mind! Drive along, listen to some tunes and just get lost. You never know where you might end up and what you might find!





8) Spend the day with your friends
Although you may try and spend as much time with your friends as you can, you probably still can’t get enough of them! Remember, Valentine’s is not just a day for couples, but a day for love, so spend the day with a group of people you love!





9) Be productive
If you had Valentine’s plans, you probably wouldn’t have got anything done today. This year it falls on a Saturday – so no work and no plans is a great reason to get productive! Finish that book you’ve been reading or attend that gym session you’ve been putting off!



duvetdayfeature.jpg10) Do nothing
If you’ve got no problem spending the day being a sloth – then why not do just that? Throw on your onesie, or stay in your PJs all day and just do you. After all, who better to be your Valentine than yourself!




There you have it. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom if you’re single and not a fan of love. Whatever you do this weekend, we hope you have fun!

Let us know on Twitter if you try any of our Anti-Valentines suggestions.

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