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Earlier on, whenever you had a requirement to transport an item, you had to either look through the yellow pages or make innumerable phone calls to arrange for a transporter or a courier service provider to move your item from one place to another. However, all that has changed now and with the huge advancement in technology, everything can be done with the click of a mouse. In fact, you can do all this from the comfort of your home.

• Anyvan is a delivery auction website that has a network of over 13,000 courier services and removals providers and transporters. These are companies that have a number of vans or trucks carrying loads to different parts of UK.
• They also deliver consignments to European locations as well as other international locations as well. You can well imagine the cost of transporting something from UK to Spain.
• The quotes that you get from the standard service providers on this delivery auction website might just give you sleepless nights. Hence, the simplest way to do things would be to put up a list of things you want to move, and service providers will send you a number of quotes, based on which you can decide one way or the other.

Best delivery auction website

Anyvan is by far the best delivery auction website as it has thousands of operators that are part of this amazing network. Since, they have such a huge network, there is bound to be a lot of competition and that will help ensure that you get some of the best quotes from these companies. All these service providers operate on the same principle. They already have vans that are booked to head in a particular direction and they are getting paid for taking that consignment. However, very often these vans have free space and if that free space is not filled up, the vans will have to carry half the load and travel the distance. This will only increase the number of vans or trucks on the roads and these are not small vehicles.

They consume a lot of fuel which is a waste of money for the operators as well as harmful for the environment as well. Hence, opting for part loads is a great option for these transporters. What they essentially do is fill up the empty space with part loads and earn some extra income. This delivery auction website is beneficial for the customer as they will only be charged a fractional cost to transport their items and the companies will benefit by putting lesser trucks on the roads.