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As anyone who has EVER had to organise a moving day will tell you, removal companies serve a vital role. Property is king in the UK, with both owners and renters depending on reliable moving companies to help them get their belongings safely from A to B.

Indeed, people often forget about the necessity of removers. It might sound like a good idea just having a couple of mates over to help with your move, but if they are uninsured and inexperienced, the money that they save you will usually seem paltry compared to the cost of repairing any damage that they cause.

Insured, experienced and fully equipped removers are in a class all their own. As is the case with many vital trades, one of the best ways for removers to build up their reputation is to earn membership in a top-notch trade association. The British Association of Removers (BAR) is a group dedicated to professionalism and excellence within the removals industry, with over 100 years of experience and hundreds of members in the UK and abroad. Membership in the BAR is a testament to the quality of your services, to the extent that many customers will visit the BAR website in order to find local removers before looking anywhere else.

With over 450 approved companies on record, the BAR has a top-notch track record of helping customers find local removal companies. The organisation seeks to raise standards for its members, giving customers peace of mind in a way that easily trumps less reliable websites like Gumtree.

But what exactly is the British Association of Removers, and how easy is it to join up?

What is the BAR?

Transportation and storage have always been big business in the UK; going back over 100 years, companies, individuals and families have relied on removal companies to help facilitate the journey from Point A to Point B. Indeed, many of the original ‘removal’ companies emerged from furniture movers, hauliers, couriers and even undertakers!

The BAR was originally formed in May 1900, when a meeting was held between representatives from companies throughout the UK. The goal was to address growing claims for damages from the public, as well as insurance and railway companies which were attempting to drive up prices for removers. Not only would those in attendance address these issues, but they would also establish common standards for companies to adhere to in order to ensure that their work was always of high quality.

Nowadays, the BAR fully embraces the modern removal industry, with office moves, a growing rental market and so on. The BAR ensures not only consistent pricing but also top-quality work for customers, making it a one-stop shop for reliability. Indeed, it is a strong sign of quality to gain membership with the BAR, as informed customers will know to look out for the BAR badge when selecting a removal company.

Why join the BAR?

It is fairly safe to say that reputation goes a long way in any industry. Customers who hire a removal company which boasts membership in the BAR will know to expect a certain level of quality in terms of both services and pricing, but there are also other perks that can help members attract new clients.

The BAR also offers an ‘Advanced Payment Guarantee’. Should a remover experience financial difficulties which prevent the company from being able to carry out a move, this policy will protect the client’s advance payment. In an emergency, the BAR can also intervene in order to solve disputes via its free and independent Dispute Resolution Service.

The key to the BAR is transparency. Customers who hire companies belonging to the BAR will know what to expect, as members are expected to adhere to the established BAR code of practice. Failing to do so will usually result in their membership being terminated.

To ensure that everything is up to snuff, members are audited annually. They are also constantly monitored by the Chartered Training Standards Institute (CTSI) in order to make sure that they are dedicated to serving the interests of their customers.

There are also additional benefits for members. For example, as well as boosting your reputation, joining the BAR will also help you to develop your business, take advantage of discounted training and gain access to cheap affiliate services and materials to give your business unique and highly valuable networking opportunities – and that is only scratching the surface!

Most importantly, the BAR also acts as a lobbying force in order to represent the removal industry to the UK government. Members are dedicated to making sure that the interests of the removal industry are fairly represented when shaping legislation and industry standards. If you run a removal company and want your voice to be heard, joining the BAR will be one of the best options open to you.

In short, if you are passionate about the removals industry and want an opportunity to develop and advance your business, joining the British Association of Removers could be the perfect route! As with all trade associations, it will be a good idea to check through the BAR website before deciding on whether or not you want to join. Luckily, you should find no shortage of reviews and testimonies from current and past members to help you make your decision.

How to join the BAR

The BAR is the most recognised trade association in the UK removals sector, with over 450 members adhering to its high standards and enjoying exclusive membership perks.

There are several BAR membership types:

  • BAR membership – Open to any UK businesses trading in the removal industry
  • International associates – Open to non-UK businesses trading in the removal industry
  • Overseas group membership – Currently home to over 50 UK-based removal companies which specialise in overseas removals and relocations
  • Commercial moving group (CMG) membership – Independent commercial relocation companies providing removal services for UK organisations moving offices
  • Self-storage group membership – Professional removal companies which also provide secure facilities for self-storage

To begin the process of joining the BAR, you must complete and submit the pre-application checklist. If your application is successful, you will then be provided with the full membership criteria.

Moving? Don't Panic!
Get ready with our top tips.
Home Removal Man and Van Vehicle Delivery Courier Service
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