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When moving house, there is a lot you need to take into account. Packing everything up, finding a top notch removal company and decluttering your old home can take a lot out of you, but even so it’s important not to let any other details slip through the cracks.

One thing that you cannot afford to forget about is changing the address you have registered with your utility and broadband providers, as well as your job and bank. Failing to do so could leave you without access to what you need when you arrive at your new home, such as energy, water and even money.

Why do I need to change my address when moving house?

Knowing your exact address is important for your various providers, including your energy, water and broadband suppliers, as well as your bank. Part of this is to do with security; having up-to-date information will help them to prevent criminals from accessing your accounts. This could cause you to lose money, or even have your identity stolen.

Perhaps the most important reason, however, is that your current location will also have an impact on the rates which you need to pay. It may well be that your new locale will have cheaper prices for each of your necessities, in which case failing to update your address could leave you wasting money.

Who to alert about my change of address


While this might be one of the first things you would usually check, there is no need to worry – updating your passport when you move address is not mandatory. It can also be expensive, so do not pay for a new passport if you still have a while left before your current one needs to be renewed.

Royal Mail

Allowing important mail to continue being sent to your old address carries several risks. For one, you could miss out on important bills and end up having to pay late fees. More importantly, however, you could have important private information stolen by identity thieves. The financial details, dates of birth or other identifying information can be found in letters or parcels, so don’t take any chances!

Luckily, you can redirect your post with Royal Mail to ensure all of your post goes to your new address. You can book the service for periods of three, six or twelve months, with your mail being redirected to any address in the UK or overseas.

Changing Address Checklist For Moving House

Schools, colleges and universities

In the weeks leading up to your moving day, get in touch with the relevant academic administrators to inform them about your new address. This should prevent you missing out on any important updates or emergency messages.

Voting address and council tax

You might have heard that you can avoid paying for a month or two’s worth of council tax if you simply wait to send off the necessary forms to your new local authority. Unfortunately, this is 100% incorrect! If there is a gap in your payments, you will simply have to pay a large lump sum to make up for it. Luckily, you can fill in all the necessary forms online: simply visit your local authority’s website.

It will also be a good idea to register to vote in your new locale. This might sound unnecessary, but you do not want to wait until the last minute and find out that you can’t vote in an important election!


Once you have a moving date booked, it is important to find new local medical suppliers. This should include a doctor’s surgery, a dentist, optician and, if necessary, a paediatrician. This should save you having to jump through hoops the next time you require an appointment.

HR department

If you are staying in your job despite your move, you will need to get all of your new details squared with your workplace’s HR department. If there isn’t one, ask your manager about who you will need to speak to. Remember, failing to do this could lead to complications with your continued employment, or even your pay!


If you ever run into someone who thinks they have a way for you to dodge the HMRC, congratulations! You’ve found someone you definitely don’t want to take advice from.

Informing the HMRC about your new address will allow it to update your record for income tax, national insurance, tax credits, benefits and services.

Your bank

It goes without saying that most people need money! Be sure to let your bank know about your new address in plenty of time, ideally at the start of the week so that there are no delays in processing your information. Remember, most banks are closed at the weekend!

Changing Address Checklist For Moving Home

Gas, water and electricity

Most utility providers will require you to provide at least 48 hours worth of notice when changing your address. This will allow them to calculate your last bills, as well as your new local rates if you are planning on sticking with your current providers at your new address.

Internet, mobile, phone, satellite, tv

This may sound superfluous, but remember that you’ll want to be able to get comfy at your new home as soon as possible! It also goes without saying that having an internet connection can be crucial for schoolwork, entertainment and staying in touch with friends and family.

Most providers will allow you to change your address details online or via the phone. If not, you may need to sign a new contract, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time. If you are moving home to a new area of the country, you’ll also need to change your phone number. Also don’t forget to update your address for your TV licence.


You might not live in your vehicle, but you will still need to send your new address to the DVLA, as well as your insurance and breakdown recovery providers. Your vehicle registration will also need to be updated, so don’t take any chances.

At this point, you should also take some time to consider the parking situation in your new local area. For example, will you need to apply for a parking permit?

Moving? Don't Panic!
Get ready with our top tips.
Home Removal Man and Van Vehicle Delivery Courier Service
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