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However you might feel about flat pack furniture, there is no denying that very few furniture companies have as much of a presence as IKEA. The Swedish giant has become a global household name, with stores in 38 countries and territories – and the number is growing all the time!

Of course, it isn’t too difficult to see why. The sheer range on offer with IKEA is pretty fantastic: walk into any showroom and you’ll find a huge variety of styles, from simple wooden home storage units to stylish and luxurious furniture. This means that students, singles, couples and families can all find something to suit them.

It’s even gotten to the point that visiting an IKEA showroom can be an experience in itself: following a nice, clear and tempting path going through each and every section, and maybe stopping for a bite to eat in the cafe (and yes, we all know at least one person who only visits IKEA for the meatballs!)

The IKEA in Wednesbury, just off the M6, is no exception. Having been around since the 1980s, it has become a familiar stop for furniture shoppers in the Midlands. They even threw a party for the store in October 2012, in order to celebrate 25 years of IKEA in the UK. Even the mayor of Walsall made an appearance!

Still, there is no denying that a trip to IKEA can be somewhat overwhelming. You might start loading yourself up with items you have no need for if you aren’t used to the deals causing wandering eye syndrome. More importantly, you could make the trip much more awkward for yourself if you don’t know what to expect in terms of traffic, access and boot space.

Are you looking to find cheap and stylish furniture for your home? Here is AnyVan’s guide to IKEA Birmingham.

ALWAYS have a list of what you need

Bargain-heavy stores tend to make us realise just how much money we have. You might have a vague idea of needing a chair, only to come out with a brand new cutlery set, a reprinted canvas for your living room wall and a propane BBQ – only to realise you forgot about the chair, so you have to do the whole thing again!

The advantage of IKEA is that it has a little bit of everything. It will be worth going on the website before you go to a physical store so that you can choose what you want. Then, when you arrive in Wednesbury, you can go straight for the furniture you need, get it in your trolley and get out before you buy something you regret!

This approach will also give you the time to make sure that you have enough space in your car to pick up the furniture in question. You may need to put your back seats down to make more space in your boot or even ask a friend for help. The last thing you want is to return to the car park only to find that you don’t have enough room!

You don’t need to follow the arrows

This is a common staple of IKEA outlets: to avoid shoppers getting in each other’s way, arrows are placed on the ground to guide people around the store. You can certainly follow the directions if you want to see everything on offer, but if you already know where you are going then there is no need to follow the crowd.

There is even a point just by the cafe in Wednesbury where you can quite comfortably stroll off the beaten path!

You can come in through the back

This is another handy hint for avoiding too many crowds (especially during busier times of year). If you know what you want and where to go, you can save yourself some time by simply coming in through the back door.

This is a simple tip, to be sure, but one which could save you a surprising amount of time (especially considering the tantalizing deals between the entrance and where you need to be!)

Take the time to read the map

There is NO shame in looking at the map… ok, there might be a little shame, but getting your bearings before heading into an IKEA store can save you a surprising amount of time. You may even want to take a picture with your phone or download a copy of the map before you arrive.

If you have a friend who has been to the store several times, they may even be able to advise you about where you need to head once you make your way there.

Leave in plenty of time

The location for the IKEA in Wednesbury is fairly convenient, being just off the M6. In theory, getting there should be a breeze, but then traffic isn’t very well known for pleasant breezes, but rather tiresome slogs.

It will be good to leave early in order to avoid traffic. Try to be on the road before rush hour, and keep in mind that the rules of rush hour will still very much apply on weekends when it comes to popular stores. Check a few reviews online, and you will find that the roads around this IKEA can be sadly susceptible to traffic jams.

Another reason to leave early is for the sake of finding a decent parking spot. The very best spaces in the IKEA car park will go quickly. Remember, NOBODY wants to have to navigate a heavy laden trolley, especially when there are cars around to run into.

It’s simple logic – the earlier you leave, the easier it will be to get to and from the Wednesbury IKEA.

Stop by the cafe

Did you really need our advice on this?

Everyone loves some IKEA grub! It’s far better than you would expect, especially when you think of the shoddy cafes that you can often find in most supermarkets.

Why not take some time and treat it as a Swedish culinary experience? Try the meatballs and spend some time recharging your batteries before you get back to shopping. You might soon find yourself looking for excuses to come back and shop at IKEA again!

Moving? Don't Panic!
Get ready with our top tips.
Home Removal Man and Van Vehicle Delivery Courier Service
Need to move
anything anywhere?
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