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Here are 8 handy little tips from AnyVan to give you some advice if you’re moving to the great city of Bristol. If you’re looking for a quote for Bristol removals, our prices start from just £59.

1. How to plan a move to Bristol

The coastal city of Bristol has a rich history and plenty of opportunities for new arrivals, so much so that Londoners are flocking in droves. Not only has this influx helped to boost Bristol’s economy, it has also done wonders for its culture and entertainment sectors. In other words, you’ll have plenty to do and no shortage of new friends to meet!

You could walk and take in the colourful houses of Clifton Down, spend an evening touring the pubs along Gloucester Road, or enjoy some of the area’s beautiful beaches. If you get tired of city life, you could even take a short trip to the nearby countryside. Remember, MoneySuperMarket called Bristol one of the wealthiest and happiest cities in Britain for a reason!

As a coastal city, Bristol can be a convenient place to settle for international movers. Londoners can even ship their belongings for less than £70, if they don’t feel like moving all of their stuff by road.

That said, it will still be best to compare your options for moving to Bristol before making a decision. You can usually take a great deal of stress out of planning your moving day by hiring a professional removal company. Not only will they be able to offer the manpower, vehicles and insurance to transport your belongings with ease, they can also offer the expertise to ensure that everything goes to plan on the day itself.

As always, try to collect quotes from at least five different candidates, as this will give you a good idea of the average removals cost for your local area. You may even want to contact a few companies in Bristol, just in case they can offer better prices. It will also be a good idea to check customer reviews for each of your candidates to make sure that your final choice is up to the task.

2. Which area to live in

Now is an excellent time to be living in Bristol, for two good reasons. Firstly, the house and flat prices there are very reasonable compared to elsewhere in the UK. Secondly, these prices are rising, and so a property in an up and coming area could be worth a lot more in just a few years.

Outside of Bristol’s city centre, you could expect to pay £450 to £550 for a one bedroom flat, or between £900 and £1000 for three bedrooms. In the centre, you would pay around £750 or £1400, respectively: just enough to live in Zone 2 or 3 in London.

Even for buyers, now is a great time to move. According to Zoopla, the average value for a house in Bristol is £324,110, less than half the London equivalent of £651,033.

When searching for a new home, it is important to have a good idea of what you can afford to spend. Websites like Gumtree and Zoopla, as well as local estate agents, will be able to offer excellent choices based on what you can afford in terms of space, location, local amenities and entertainment.

More expensive areas like Leigh Woods and Clifton definitely have a lot to show off, including upmarket homes, beautiful gardens and some incredible entertainment. That said, the suburban quality can put many movers off. Montpelier and Kingsdown are closer to the city, with much more of an urban atmosphere.

3. Transport / getting around

Bristol is a (supposedly) thriving transport centre for the UK’s road and rail networks, so you will find no shortage of access to trains, buses and even ferries. That being said, Bristol’s locals have a famous habit for complaining about public transport. A report by the Bristol Post even found that the city has one of the UK’s most underused transport systems.

Due to the number of hills, Bristol is not too welcoming a place for casual cyclists. Pedestrians on the other hand soon feel themselves getting fitter.

4. Employment

If you are moving to Bristol for work, you will be glad to hear that it has a growing economy. While historically the area has always been characterised by the maritime industry, electronics, aerospace and creative media companies have all found homes there in recent years.

Skilled and experienced workers should have no trouble finding opportunities in Bristol, though it can often be easier to get hired for a job once you already have a permanent address.

5. Having fun / things to do

As you might expect, Bristol is very proud of its maritime history. Even a short walk should expose you to plenty of historic ships, grand museums and green spaces. Of course, the city’s history isn’t all about the sea; you can also find some wonderful historic buildings, including the Lord Mayor’s Chapel and Bristol Cathedral.

There are a number of parks and tours for families to enjoy, or for something more adventurous you could even go on a hot air balloon ride! The balloon fiesta is the biggest event on the Bristol calendar.

6. Eating / restaurants

If you are looking for somewhere to eat, Bristol has no shortage of restaurants both locally and internationally styled. Even better, Bristol’s restaurants enjoy fresh produce grown in the west of England. Newcomers may even enjoy people watching at a coastal cafe.

For when you want somewhere to spend the evening, Bristol is famous for its cocktail bars and pubs, particularly when it comes to cider. You could even visit the Llandoger Trow, one of the oldest pubs in Britain.

7. Shopping

Foodies will love Bristol’s fresh food markets, packed to the brim as they are with gorgeous local produce. The shopping quarter also features hundreds of stores, bars and restaurants, as well as Cabot Circus shopping centre. You also have the huge out of town shopping area in Cribbs Causeway.

If you want something more traditional, Bristol offers a variety of markets, such as those found in the famous Clifton Village.

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8. Tip for moving to Bristol on your own

Bristol is not as large as cities like London, but there is still a great deal to do and try. Use your move as a chance to open yourself up to new experiences; take in some culture, visit some restaurants and check out a few bars. If you are moving to Bristol on your own, this should help you to find new friends in no time.

Moving? Don't Panic!
Get ready with our top tips.
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