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Moving into a new property can be a fantastic experience, especially when the mover has the chance to really make their new house or flat into a real home.

Virtually everyone has moved at least once or, at the very least, everyone knows someone who has moved at least once. As such, when you have a friend or family member preparing to move, it can be a great idea to help out where you can. Having an extra helping hand on a moving day can be the most welcome thing in a world, even if all you do is offer some advice that has helped you out in the past.

Of course, with Christmas coming up, your friends could also appreciate a nice housewarming gift; perhaps some new furniture, an appliance or even a nice accessory to brighten up the new space. Try to think carefully about who the mover is: what do they like? How much space do they have? Are they moving home with children or moving with a cat or dog?

Online shopping can offer you a virtually unlimited pool of potential gifts, regardless of who you are buying for or how much you intend to spend. There is no need to go with something token or uninspired. Instead, you should explore your options so that you can give your friend a gift that they will be truly thankful for: something that they can make use of, or simply enjoy, as they get settled into their new home.

To give you a hand, here are some of our favourite ideas for housewarming gifts!

A helping hand

When someone moves into a new property, they usually have a lot of work to do before settling in. They may need help unloading or assembling furniture, or perhaps decorating a few rooms in their new home. If you have DIY experience, they may appreciate any help you can provide with issues like plumbing, or they may simply need help scrubbing and mopping if the property was not professionally cleaned before their arrival.

One of the best gifts you can give in this case will be a helping hand; some extra manpower to help the work go more quickly. It will be free for you, and you can even save your friend the cost of having to hire tradespeople.

Another option is to offer them everything they’ll need for moving in. A package of household cleaning supplies can be a surprisingly thoughtful gift, as can a hamper of food to save your friends having to make a shopping trip. Perhaps they would even appreciate a voucher for a store like Ocado or Sainsbury’s, so they can arrange a delivery as soon as they move in.

This can be a more exhausting option, to be sure, but one that the mover will definitely appreciate!


Scented candles can be a surprisingly welcome gift when you first move into a new home. It can give the space a sense of warmth, making it seem less like just another property and more like a comfortable home. Most importantly, the right scents could also help your friends relax in their new home, which they will definitely appreciate after having to organise and carry out a moving day.

You may know your friend well enough to choose their favourite scents, but failing that you could instead purchase a selection of different options for them to try out. Depending on who you are buying the gift for, they may even prefer a selection of bath bombs for the next time they have a relaxing evening to enjoy.

Personalised gifts

If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for your friend, why not have something personal made specifically for them?

There are a number of retailers who can create bespoke gifts. For example, you could take a photograph of you and your friend, or even their new home, and have a retailer make them a new wall print, portrait, or even something like a jigsaw. Another popular option is to have a new photo frame delivered, with the perfect picture already included inside.

It may not be the most practical gift – but it will certainly put a smile on the mover’s face!


A common but oft-appreciated choice, a new home appliance could help make your friend’s life easier, or simply give them something new to enjoy!

Popular kitchen appliance gifts include coffee makers, blenders, processors and bread makers. You could even get your friend a slow cooker, giving them an easy way to create delicious dishes with little effort. Believe us when we say that this is something they will DEFINITELY appreciate once they finally have time to relax after moving house!

You will also find options for other parts of the home, such as smart lighting for the bedroom or new Bluetooth speakers for the living room. Remember, having just moved house, your friend will have had to part with a great deal of time and money. Having a new toy to play with could be the perfect thing to perk them right up!

Welcome mat

One of the best way to really make a new property feel like your home is to set down your own welcome mat. Your friend could appreciate a classic message like ‘Welcome’ or ‘Home Sweet Home’, or maybe a beautiful floral design. Some retailers even allow you to create mats with custom designs, giving you the chance to create something perfectly suited to your friend.

Just be sure to read through the customer reviews for each of your choices. A lot of the welcome mats which look the prettiest tend to wear down surprisingly quickly!

Gift cards

While this option may seem impersonal, it can also be the most appreciated. When you are moving into a new property, you have a better idea than everyone else about exactly what your new home requires in terms of furniture, decor or even useful accessories like towels or bedsheets.

As such, instead of trying to think of something perfect for your friend, why not give the choice to them? You could offer them a gift card for a retailer like Amazon, John Lewis, Argos or even IKEA: somewhere with a wide range of choices on offer, so that your friend can choose something which is absolutely ideal.

Moving? Don't Panic!
Get ready with our top tips.
Home Removal Man and Van Vehicle Delivery Courier Service
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