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Whether you first moved as a child, a student or a full-grown adult, something you will have learned very quickly is just how stressful it can be. Having to pack away all of your belongings, rearrange your utilities and try to get settled into a completely new place will leave anyone feeling drained and out of pocket.

However, another thing which you learn early on is that there are plenty of ways to save money when moving house. Sometimes it can simply be a matter of booking a remover early on, or selling your bulky furniture to cover the costs.

One of our favourites involves finding free boxes to use for the move. A sturdy set of heavy duty boxes for one person can cost more than £25 brand new, yet there are probably several places within walking distance of your current home that will have plenty to spare. After all, most businesses are recycling these days, and most people are happy to get rid of boxes that are doing nothing other than taking up space.

It is important to remember to make sure that any sized boxes you find are in a good condition. Ideally they will not have been flattened, or had their tape or clips removed. That said, strong packing tape is relatively cheap, especially when you consider how much money you will be saving

Remember to watch out for any signs of insects. If you inspect a box and even suspect that you see something crawling, throw the entire thing away. Saving money on boxes definitely isn’t worth having to fork out for a pest controller in your new home.

Can I get free boxes for moving house?

Friends who have just moved

As useful as cardboard boxes can be, once you have moved in and unpacked they can quickly turn into unwanted clutter. If you have a friend or family member who has moved recently, ask them if they have any boxes left over which they might be willing to give away.

If necessary, you can always ask your followers on Facebook or Twitter. Commenters may even be willing to share some helpful moving and packing tips! Also on Facebook are local area pages or groups, so it is worth asking in your local community for free boxes. 

Free boxes on Gumtree, Freegle and Freecycle

While it’s true that online shopping has blown up over the last few years, not everything has to be bought online. Many people instead choose to ‘freecycle’, which involves quickly finding a new home for unwanted belongings by giving them away for free.

If you use websites like Freecycle and Gumtree, you should have no trouble finding some free cardboard boxes. You may even want to use your account to stock up on new furniture once you finish moving in. However, you should make sure to filter the search results to your local area. There is no point in saving money on cardboard boxes if you will need to pay huge postage or transport fees to get your hands on them.

Keep in mind that not everything that comes free of charge will be of a decent quality. Because of this, it will be a good idea to check what people have to say about the users who get in contact with you. If they have poor reviews or comments, it could be a good idea to look elsewhere.

Boxes from local shops

Most high street shops and supermarkets see a great deal of stock being sold and replaced. This means that new stock is constantly coming in, usually in boxes designed to hold heavy loads.

Because of this it can be worth asking at any local supermarkets, bookstores or off-licences if they have any leftover boxes (though you might need to come back on the day before the bins go out).

Boxes from recycling centres and tips

These days, most people are recycling. Businesses even have a legal responsibility to reduce waste by recycling as much as possible, and millions of tonnes of cardboard are recycled in the UK every year.

If you have a tip or recycling centre in your local area, you should have no trouble finding plenty of cardboard waiting to be processed. The disadvantage of these boxes, aside from the fact that they will usually be flattened, is that they do not tend to be particularly clean. There shouldn’t be any shortage of choices, but be sure to check every single one!

You will want to be particularly cautious when checking the boxes for insects. Unless you want to celebrate the first month of living in your new home with a fumigation, it will not be worth giving pests and creepy-crawlies a free ride.

Fast food restaurants boxes

As the name implies, popular fast food restaurants tend to go through stock rather quickly. Because of this, most of them have a fairly streamlined process for getting rid of boxes.

Nonetheless, as long as you ask in advance they will usually be willing to save a few boxes for you (just don’t as via the drive-through). The boxes may well smell of french fries, though some movers might even call this a plus!

Removal company

When you hire a removal company, the cost of boxes will usually be included in the overall quote. While this is not exactly free, there are still several advantages to consider.

For one, the boxes they use will usually be quite strong and well put together with high-quality packing materials. This can offer particularly strong peace of mind if you are moving a great distance, or even to a new country in Europe.

Secondly, professional removers will know how to pack quickly and efficiently while still keeping your most valuable belongings safe. Any reputable removal company should also be able to offer adequate insurance to cover your belongings against damage during transport, though this may sometimes only apply if they pack the goods themselves.

That being said, it will still be worth telling your removers in advance if you have any particularly heavy or awkward belongings to take with you. This may invite additional fees, but these will often be worse if you leave telling your removers until the last minute. It may be that they need to bring particularly high-duty packing materials or even a larger vehicle.

So that’s our tips for getting free boxes for your move. All you need now is some bubble wrap!

Moving? Don't Panic!
Get ready with our top tips.
Home Removal Man and Van Vehicle Delivery Courier Service
Need to move
anything anywhere?
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