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All of us depend on transporters as well as courier service providers to take care of our ground transportation needs while moving things from one location to another. There are a number of transport companies that offer to take care of such requirements. However, most of us know that transportation charges are really exorbitant especially if you use any of the regular services.

• There is just one solution to this problem – Anyvan a delivery auction website. It is a website where you place the list of things that need to be transported and you will start getting bids from various transporters who are part of the Anyvan network. After you get a number of bids, you may choose the right one and go with that particular company.
• The best part of using this auction site is the fact that you are under no obligation to choose any of these bids, if you don’t want to. It is free to use, simple, and caters to the transportation both locally and internationally. You get all of these things at a nominal price.
• Why wait to check on other transport companies when you have something at your fingertips – literally! Just visit the website and post your requirement today.

Best transport companies

There are a number of transport companies out there, but engaging any of the standard operators will cost you a lot of money. Hence, most people prefer to engage the services of the transporters and couriers providers who are part of the Anyvan network due to a number of reasons. The cost factor is just one of them. The other reason is the fact that by engaging the services of a transport company from this network will also help in protecting our environment by preventing CO2 emissions.

All these transporters already have consignments that are heading along these routes and they are getting paid for it. When they pick up your items along the way, they are not going to use a separate truck or a van. They will simply take a slight detour and come to pick your consignment. These are called part loads as the service provider picks up just a part of the load and not necessarily the entire truckload. This works in the favour of these transport companies because they can fill up the vacant space that is available and get paid for it. Customers can benefit as they will be paying a nominal sum to transport these items. You have to put up a list of items that need to be transported and wait for the bids.

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