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AutumnBanner2With autumn in full swing, the time has come when many of us will begin to spend more time in the warmth of our homes. Autumn is a great time to partake in some minimalist, but beautiful home redecorations. The orangey, brown burst of colours provided by nature can be welcomed into your home and utilised, to create your own cosy autumn sanctuary. To help you do this, here are AnyVan’s 10 fun and easy autumn home transformation ideas.


framed art1. Framed Leaf ArtFraming golden brown leaves on a neutral background adds a nice simplistic touch, which fits in well in areas of the house which are often overlooked in terms of design. We’re talking guest bathrooms, staircases, entrance hallways and corridors.


2. Autumn BuntingBunting isn’t just for fairs and special occasions. It can be used to add a warm, quirky touch to different parts of your home, especially children’s bedrooms and dining rooms. These also work well in the garden.


3. Wreaths – Wreaths are a great way to make your home look warm and welcoming from the outside. Wreaths can be made using simple bits and pieces from outside, such as conkers, leaves, twigs and pinecones.


4. Decorative ornaments
– Make use of pinecones of different sizes by putting them in small jars and moulds. These create nifty, mini forest scenes, which can be placed around the house to add a rustic feel.


5. Add touches of gold – Spraying items such as pumpkins, acorns and conkers in gold metallic paint, can also aid in adding a minimal warm glow to your autumn sanctuary. These pieces look great on mantelpieces and around fireplaces.


6. pot pourriUse Pinecones and Conkers to make potpourri – Place pinecones and conkers in small wooden baskets to make small, but great decorative ornaments, similar to potpourri. These work well on most worktops within the house. Think coffee tables, dining tables and mantelpieces, above fireplaces.


7. Napkin Rings – If you’re hosting a dinner party, or just want to decorate the table, leaf napkin rings are an easy to make addition to the table. These can be made using felt, paper or real leaves and some twine, depending on your preference.


pumpkins8. Pumpkins – Although pumpkins are commonly associated with Halloween, they can play a part in making an ideal autumn home decoration. Try decorating pumpkins with antique keys and other rustic decorations and patterns, or carve them out, as you would do at Halloween.


9. Autumn pillows –Pillows play an important part in making your home into a cosy paradise, so if you have sewing talent, autumn is a great time to put it to good use. If you can’t sew you can always buy iron on designs.


candles10. Candles – Candles play an important part in helping to achieve the desired warm, cosy feel. Instead of just placing, plain white candles or tealights round the house, place tealights in decorative jars, or fill jars with autumny objects such as popcorn kernels.


We hope our home decoration ideas will help you transform your home into a warm, cosy autumn refuge. Don’t forget, if you need anything delivered, please visit for a free delivery quote.



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