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AnyVan's 5th Birthday

As we celebrate another milestone in the AnyVan journey, we feel that it’s important not only to reflect, but to share with our customers who we are as a business and how far we have come.

Founded with the aim of solving a problem and hoping to change the perception of the delivery and removal industry, we always knew we wanted to be different.

Despising the lacklustre customer service commonly associated with moving, we made a conscious decision to focus on you, our customers. With a vibrant and colourful attitude toward our new process of delivery and removals, we began the AnyVan story, with a very small team in a very small London office.

Five years on, and over 1.2 million users later, we're continuing to grow our team whilst breaking new ground in the world of delivery and removals. By injecting life and colour into a once grey and dreary industry, we have proceeded to light the AnyVan flame that has literally blown away the dismal past and with open arms, welcomed a brighter future.


Our Philosophy

Let's face it, moving can be difficult. Whether you're packing to move to a new home or trying to pick up a sofa you’ve bought on a classifieds site, organising a delivery can be time consuming and expensive. You just want someone to help you through it.

That's why we're here. We've spent the past 5 years building a community of over 35,000 trusted transport providers and growing our team of Customer Service Heroes, so we can get you the cheapest quote with minimum hassle.

How do we do it? We follow the AnyVan way of thinking:

1. Keep it simple

“Make it Simple, But Significant” ~ Don Draper

We’re here to make the process of finding cheap delivery quotes as quick and easy as possible for our customers. That’s why we’ve adopted a clean, minimalistic, step-by-step design in our online process, so you can focus on what you’re here for – getting the best quote.

2. Friendliness is next to godliness

“Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm.” ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Although we are an online business, we understand how frustrating it is when you can’t speak to a real person. That’s why we have a team of energetic and motivated Customer Service Heroes on hand waiting to help you. They’re available to chat from 8:00am - 10:00pm Monday to Friday, 9:00am - 6:00pm Saturdays & 10:00am - 6:00pm on Sundays. You can contact us on 020 3005 6000.

3. Work hard, play hard

“It always seems impossible until it is done” ~ Nelson Mandela

At AnyVan, we work on the premise that one person alone cannot make the company, it needs to be a team effort. Our motivated attitude toward the work we do is facilitated by AnyVan’s open door policy, encouraging honest communication across all levels of the business. We love having a laugh, our office is always buzzing, and on a Friday evening you can find us sharing a few drinks playing a friendly game of AnyVan Ping Pong.

Our Mission

AnyVan was created to solve the major problems of the removals industry, specifically in regard to the quoting process, the high price of quotes, and the amount of CO2 produced.

How are we solving these problems?

1. Making moving easier

We are continually expanding our network of trusted transport providers to empower our customers with choice. We want to be sure that you find the best delivery quote, whatever your situation might be.

2. Providing the highest level of customer service

AnyVan is focused on creating a fantastic customer experience, both online and offline. Currently sitting at first place in Trustpilot’s Removals category, the AnyVan team is working hard to reach a 10/10 rating.

3. Reducing CO2 emissions

The transport industry accounts for between 20% and 25% of world energy consumption. We’re encouraging collaborative consumption and saving up to 1 million kilos of CO2 per month by filling unused space in vans and lorries


We pride ourselves on our customer service, and you can rely on us to always be positive, responsive, friendly and reliable. It’’s the AnyVan way!

If you want to get in touch about becoming a member of the AnyVan team, please email your CV and a cover letter to info@anyvan.com

Our History


2014 - App Launch

2014 marked the launch of our new AnyVan App available on both iOS & Android. The App has been incredibly well received and works as a seamless addition to your delivery process.

2013 - Site Re-Design

Improving customer experience - delighted to announce we have redesigned our website and receive glowing praise so thank you all

2013 - Transport Company Improved Interface

Just before Christmas, AnyVan launches new face lift for transporters making it easy to place quotes and win jobs

2013 - AnyVan Ireland

AnyVan launches new website version to cater to the Irish market.

2012 - 500,000 Listings

2 days before christmas we celebrated AnyVan listings passing the half a million mark.

2012 - £5,000,000 worth of transactions

In April 2012 the transactions made through AnyVan by customers to transport companies hit £5 million.

2011 - 100,000 Listings

We finally reached 100,000 listing completions, this was a target we had focused on from the site launch.

2010 - A very green AnyVan

In september we hit a milestone of 3,000,000kg² of C02 saved, thanks to the reduction of thousands of wasted journeys by delivery companies.

2009 - 500 delivery requests

Just three months after launch AnyVan exceeded more than 500 delivery requests.

2009 - First booking completion

Nine days after the first job being listed, AnyVan had its first ever booking completion.

2008 - Team up

Angus teamed up with Ben in late 2008 to start developing the concept further.

2014 - AnyVan's 5th birthday

8th October 2014 marked AnyVan’s 5th birthday! We celebrated with a big bang, filming a short video showing our vibrant company culture, and our determination to bring a fresh new face to the removals and delivery industry.

2014 - 1,000,000 Users

In early 2014, AnyVan's total user base topped 1,000,000, proving that more and more people are choosing AnyVan to safely undertake their delivery journeys.

2013 - 1,000,000 Listings

In September, AnyVan reached a milestone the founders set out from launch - a million listings!

2013 - 500,000 registered users

In May 2013 the AnyVan user base hits the half a million mark, the movement for cheaper deliveries gains momentum.

2013 - £15 Million Saved

AnyVan saves its own customers £15,000,000 from using existing vehicles to make delivery journeys.

2012 - AnyVan Germany & Spain

AnyVan launches a fully native German and Spanish version of the website, increasing European presence.

2012 - eBay partnership

AnyVan signs up with eBays partnership program to help eBay customers secure cheaper delivery deals nationwide.

2011 - 5000 Companies signed up

AnyVan is becoming well received in the industry and hits a landmark of 5000 registered delivery companies.

2009 - 3000 listings and a great following

As we left 2009 and entered into the new year, AnyVan had already completed over 3000 listings and began to build a following of very happy customers.

2009 - 1500 Companies registered

Less than a month after the AnyVan launch the website gained over 1500 transport companies.

2009 - First job listing

The website had finally arrived and the concept turned into reality, the first job was posted on the day of launch in 2009.

2008 - The Idea

Angus, ran and managed a delivery company and identified a gap in the market for a portal to connect transport providers with relevant customers.


Our Team



"I used to run a removal company so I fully understand the frustrations that all parties involved have, I created AnyVan to put an end to that"


Operations Manager

"I've been a part of AnyVan since the launch. I manage our fantastic team and oversee day to day operations to ensure everything runs smoothly and our users receive the very best possible service"


Lead Developer

"I work along side a whole team of designers, developers and user experience experts to deliver an easy to use and fully functional website"

Caroline S.

Territory Manager

"I manage AnyVan’s European territories. I coordinate with the UK team to ensure we are delivering the same outstanding service in Germany, France, Spain and Ireland"







Jack L.




Caroline L.



















Jack R.







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