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When it comes to planning a moving day, one of the most common questions that tends to pop up is exactly which day of the week is best for getting the bulk of the work done. You might ask whether there is a day when:

  • Removers are less expensive
  • There is less traffic on the roads
  • It is easier for people with full time jobs to make the most of their time
  • Banks and utility providers will be able to handle potential problems faster

While there are accurate answers for all of these questions, the essence of a successful move will always, ultimately, come down to good planning. The more you consider these elements in advance, the more freedom you will have to make the right decisions. For one, you will want to be sure that you can actually get a slot with your remover on your chosen day, so don’t wait until the day before to make your booking!

Something we should get out of the way now is the importance of booking time off work as far in advance as possible. Many of the best-laid moving plans have been ruined by bosses who just weren’t willing to give time off at a moment’s notice (though we can hardly blame them).

You will also want to find out where you can get accurate traffic updates for your local area. Radio stations are a timeless source of information, though these days you can also get alerts on your handheld devices. Just in case, it can also be a good idea to plan alternative routes to your new home.

Best Day Of The Week To Move House

Next, try to consider your own personal circumstances as much as possible: how long will you need to spend packing? How long will your journey take? When will your friends be available to help? All of these questions will help you realise which day of the week will be best for your move, rather than the hypothetical average moving days you can read about online!

Finally, choosing the right day to move will not do you much good if you end up choosing a poorly rated removal company for the job. Generally speaking it is a good idea to collect quotes from at least five potential candidates, letting them know as much about your move as possible (including a comprehensive list of what you are packing) in order to get accurate prices. You will also need to read customer reviews for each of your candidates, as well as their public liability insurance and goods in transit insurance policies to make sure that your move will be completely covered.

Moving house on a Monday

You might be surprised to hear that Mondays is the second most popular day for moving house. The reason is that it gives movers the chance to finish packing over the previous weekend, which can be a huge bonus if they are working full time.

That said, finishing your move on Monday night and then having to go into work over the next few days could make it difficult to find time to properly unpack. As such, you may want to consider booking one or two extra days off if Monday is your choice. Remember, your ‘move’ won’t end as soon as you open the door to your new home, so consider carefully how much time you will need to sort everything out once you actually arrive.

Moving home on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

A huge advantage of moving mid-week is the availability of removal companies. These days tend to be some of the least popular for moving house, which should make it easier for you to get a slot booked with your chosen company. You may even be able to get a better price, provided you do not leave your booking until the last minute.

Another point worth mentioning is that utility providers, banks and local authorities will not close their offices early during the week. This means that you should have no problems informing any relevant groups about your new address. While this might sound asinine, you do NOT want to forget about letting them know; in a worst-case scenario, you could end up without access to electricity, water, gas or even money at your new home.

If you choose to book midweek, it can be a good idea to take Thursday and Friday off work. This should give you a four day weekend to get everything set up at your new home (not to mention some extra time in case anything goes wrong on the moving day itself).

Is it best to move house on a Friday?

Fridays tend to be the most popular days to move house. This can cause some potential problems, such as finding a remover with a Friday slot available or getting the time off work, but there are also some huge advantages. Most importantly, it will give you the entire weekend to unpack your belongings.

Something thing to keep in mind is that most banks and utility providers are not open over the weekend. In other words, if you move on a Friday but do not inform them about your address change in advance, it could take longer for you to get everything set up.

Most importantly if you’re selling a home your solicitor and estate agent are working to complete your sale. Those of you that are superstitious, maybe it is best to avoid moving on a friday the 13th!

Moving house on the weekend

On paper, moving on the weekend might sound like a good idea. After all, you will already have time off work then, and two whole days should be more than enough time to get everything packed, transported and unpacked, right?


Weekends are usually the least popular moving days, and for good reason. For one, removal companies will usually be more expensive on these days (NOBODY likes having to work on the weekend). Leaving yourself with just one day to unpack can also leave you rushed, exhausted and in no mood to head into work the next day.

Another important disadvantage of weekend moves is that utility providers and banks will usually be closed, which could cause problems getting everything set up at your new home. It can also be expensive to hire tradesmen on the weekend, in case you arrive at your new home and find that something needs to be immediately repaired or replaced.

Moving? Don't Panic!
Get ready with our top tips.
Home Removal Man and Van Vehicle Delivery Courier Service
Need to move
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