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We are focusing on our customers’ needs, trying to smooth the removal process which is usually one of the most stressful events. Our van is carpeted inside which gives extra protection to your furniture and delicate items.
*****Terms and condition:*****
Please note that all our quotes are ALWAYS based on the inventory you have listed. Non-listed items will cause increased time consumption and unscheduled effort, therefore we might ONLY be able to take on what you originally listed, or we will be able to offer you a friendly surcharge price to complete extra requests if that will not cause timing disruptions to other jobs on the day.
Please take extra care when listing the number of the individual items, as when you don't state the amount, "Boxes; will be interpreted as a maximum of 5, and "couple of ..." will be taken as a maximum of 2.
All our quotes are based on GROUND-TO-GROUND floor delivery. If you fail to state the floors included from/to which the Pick-up and Delivery must be, we MIGHT NOT BE ABLE to help taking them up the stairs if on tight schedule. IT IS IMPORTANT for smooth communication to include this before accepting our quotes, as we sometimes charge extra for taking extra time.
Getting items ready for transport is solely the users' responsibility, although in some cases we will be able to provide some extra protection to some of the clients' fragile goods if communication states clearly.
It is the responsibility of the owner to dismantle wardrobes and beds unless stated otherwise.
Flexible Pick-up and Delivery time set will mean flexible unless previous communication clearly states otherwise.
Our scheduling is main priority to ensure smooth moving,
so please be aware that exceptional unforeseen waiting times might be charged because of the delay of other jobs on day.
Short waiting are usually fine based on past experience.
Cancellation fee: 100 % if the cancellation happen in the last 24 hr and 50 % in the last 48 hr, 25% if that is in the last 72 hr
Our insurance only covers items in transit. We do not accept any responsibility for damaged and/or lost property after a job has been finished and payment received.
When accepting our bid you accept the binding TC'sabove.

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Here at AnyVan, we recognise the importance of finding a reliable company hence the reason for the Certified Badge found on their profile page.

The other star ratings are all determined by the number of successful jobs with a compulsory minimum of 95% feedback:

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  • Gold Certified Gold Medal = 250+ successful jobs

The purpose of this badge is to highlight our companies that have consistently given a good service to the benefit of our users.

Please note: This is by no means a guarantee of their future work however this is representative of the work done to date.

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  • Copy of Goods in Transit Insurance certificate
  • Company Registration certificate (if applicable)
  • UK VAT registration certificate (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of Passport
  • Drivers licence details

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Here at AnyVan, we recognise the importance of finding a reliable transport provider hence the reason for providing you with as much information as possible about each provider.

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Jobs Completed 1424
Insurance Cover £10,000
Member Since 50 months ago
Payment Options CashBank Transfer

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