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Hi & Welcome
We are recommended ,accredited and nominated as Gold Power Mover here on Any Van.

We've successfully completed over 5400 jobs now on AnyVan. We are friendly professionals packed into one great company.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority.

Terms & Conditions:
By accepting our bid you confirm that you have read, understood and accept the following terms and conditions:

1) IMPORTANT: We reserve the right to cancel jobs accepted without prior check of our availability.

2) If you have extra items, the price might slightly increase. (1-5 boxes is not a problem).

3) If there are narrow/long hallways/corridors/stairs or corners that create difficulties and slows our movers’ work, an extra charge may occur.

4) All the arrangements regarding the parking space must be made by the customer (including any parking fees or permits). If the distance from the doorway to the parking is further than 20-25m the price will be renegotiated.

5) For any delays caused by your side we charge £50 per hour , the 1st hour is free of charge. I'm sure it's not your case.

6) Dismantling/reassembling services are not included in the price, unless it was priorly agreed.

7) Prices for (packing/unpacking services) provided on the day of your move:
- £3 / box (without packing/unpacking)
- £7 / box(small and medium) only for packing
- £11 / box(small and medium) packing and unpacking
- £10 / wardrobe box
(it will cost more if the boxes are being sent in advance)

8) We reserve the right to charge between 50-100% of the price to be paid if the job is canceled/delayed at short notice (less than 5 days). Or between 5-10% if the job is canceled/delayed for less than 10 days .

9) If a time slot wasn’t booked then we reserve the right to choose one.

10) Please note that we might take other jobs on board, unless you have paid for an exclusive van.

11) All damages must be advised on delivery or maximum within 24h, otherwise insurers will not accept a claim.

Please ensure that we are still available for the date/ hour that you require.
Don’t hesitate to contact us should you require any further assistance or information.
Office hours (Except for the drivers as they work full time 24/7) :
M-F: 8am-5pm
S: Close (try our email)
S: Close (try our email)

Best Wishes, Louis.

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  • UK VAT registration certificate (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of Passport
  • Drivers licence details

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Here at AnyVan, we recognise the importance of finding a reliable transport provider hence the reason for providing you with as much information as possible about each provider.

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Luton Van

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