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Heavy item delivery often gives sleepless nights to a lot of people as it isn’t the easiest task to find the right courier service providers for the assignment. If you are one of them, you can put your anxiety at rest and utilize the innovative and effective services offered by AnyVan for the delivery of your heavy items from one location to another, across the city, state or country.

• AnyVan boasts of an excellent network of heavy item delivery companies that have plenty of carriers at their disposal plying across the country. This allows them to offer customers the best possible rates comparable to industry standards.
• AnyVan enables optimization of resources so that the customers get the delivery they want anywhere in the country and sometimes beyond, without compromising on the quality of the service.
• AnyVan uses an active bidding and feedback system as the pillars of its effectiveness as the burden is removed off the customers’ shoulders when it comes to selecting a reliable delivery service provider who can stick to the timelines and provide professional delivery of items.
• AnyVan allows customers to take a judgment call based on plenty of information including feedback and ratings from past customers.

Best heavy item delivery services

There is a reason why AnyVan enjoys the confidence of so many customers when it comes to their heavy item delivery needs. At AnyVan, customers can get a chance to post their requirement and invite quotes from the best vendors in the country. Due to sharing of resources, vendors with available capacity in their carriers can offer lower rates for customers thus benefiting everyone in the process. Customers can enjoy the benefits of a bidding process where heavy item delivery companies can take a look at the requirement and offer no-obligation quotes to customer.

Customers will simultaneously get a chance to explore about the vendors as the system provides information about the reputation of individual vendors, feedback and ratings that they have garnered from previous customers. For all your delivery needs, you can select from an array of delivery service providers not just on the basis of cost but also proven track record, ensuring that there aren’t any slip ups in what you expect. With plenty of delivery service providers listed at AnyVan there is a brewing competition which lets the customer benefit from a higher quality of service at lower cost and less effort.

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Brilliant. Kept on touch all the time

Brilliant. Will defo use again


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.Excellent service