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• If so, great, as we have thousands of man with a van companies who are online and happy to quote you happy

• With our were growing network of man and van services, we can offer you the best rates in the UK and abroad at a fracyion of the standard costs

• Its extremely simple to use, as all you have to do is place the man and van or courier job onto the site for our providers to bid against eachother to win your job.

• With us, every man with a van company has a bespoke deshboard to work from so you can get instant access to all the delivery jobs at the click of a button.

• The joy is, we can offer no obligation quotes every time you need to use one of our community of man and vans.  Give it a go and see how much you can save.

Choosing whom to use can be a problem that everyone hates. Our job is to change the way our customers go about choosing. In the past, one would spend hours trawling the internet, flicking through old pages of phone books or even making numerous calls - times have changed. Anyvan does the hard work when you need to find a suitable man and van company.

Once the job is placed on the site, all you need to do, is sit back and wait for emails to arrive with quotes from services looking for more work in and around your area. These companies bid against each other in order to give you the peace of mind that you are receiving the cheapest quote and giving you the ability to choose the best man and van service for your requirements. We urge you when deciding to look out for coloured recommended stars behind the courier or removal company names as this shows a high level of work to its previous clients along with strong feedback ratings. Check out the profile pages of these man with van removal companies as you have to be sure it's the right one for you.

The decision making is over and it's time to get to the booking process. All reviewing and contemplating has been finalised so all that is needed now is to accept the man and van quote that most suits your needs. It is simple - logon to your dashboard and press the pink 'Accept' button which will take you through to the deposit to secure the job and confirm the booking.

This is extremely quick and at the end, you'll receive the contact details of your chosen man with van. Please do try and contact each other at your earliest convenience as this will avoid any disruptions along the way. We always feel communication is a key part with any service industry and constantly suggest you remain in touch throughout the whole transport process. After you've accepted the man with a van quote, please ensure you complete the job sheet by means of filling out the check in and checkout documents.

There is only one aspect left and we really urge our users to be able to take the time to leave a comment regarding the man and van they have just employed.

This is done by means of either positive, neutral or negative responses depending upon the level of work they've recently experienced. As you can determine, this is extremely important due to fact that we thrive for a safe marketplace for all our man with a van and consumers.

Exactly the same way you went about finding a suitable company, other users are using the same principles so be aware to share your opinions with others. Other man and vans with good feedback will also climb up the ladder and win more work so be sure to take the time to give your say.

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