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Car delivery isn’t likely to be something that many people engage in on a regular basis, perhaps only a couple of times in their lives, if at all, meaning that knowing how to go about it is likely to pose a challenge. Obviously if the car is road worthy then you can simply drive the car from A to B yourself but if it’s in need of work or untaxed then you’ll need another method.

Hiring a trailer and a suitably powerful vehicle to attach it to can cost a lot of money, you’ll need to consider insurance issues and then there’s the actual driving itself; you’ll need to be confident and experienced to manoeuvre such a large rig safely. It’s probably cheaper and easier to use a specialist courier for the job, as they will know exactly what they’re doing.

If the car is road worthy but you’re unable to drive it between destinations yourself, you can use a trade plate driver. A trade plate driver is a professional driver who delivers and collects vehicles for a living.

A trade plate driver may well be the least expensive option but there is the risk of the car being damaged or being involved in an accident as it’s being driven on the road; if your vehicle is very valuable or rare it might be best to use a car transporter instead.

The question is, how to choose one? Probably the best way to find a reputable company is through a delivery auction site, like You can enter the details of the move - the type of vehicle being moved and the distance – then wait for car transport companies to quote for the job. Make sure you have a thorough read of the feedback from other customers who have used each company as this will give you a really good idea of the calibre of the service being offered and help you choose the courier that is best suited to you.

Once you’ve picked your courier, give them a ring to talk through the details. Arm yourself with some questions to ask, such as:

1. Will they be using an individual flatbed or a multi-car trailer?

2. If your vehicle is very valuable, is there an option for an enclosed trailer?

3. Is it a door to door service or will you need to travel to pick up or drop off the vehicle?

Make sure you have all the details that they’re likely to need to hand. They may need to know the make and model of your vehicle; whether it’s taxed, insured and has passed its MoT; if it can be driven any distance; the estimated weight of the vehicle and the approximate value.

When you’re happy that your chosen company can undertake the job, arrange a time for them to collect or deliver your vehicle and start making preparations for the move. Make sure that you have done the following:

•    Checked that your car transport company has the correct insurance policies in place for the vehicle that is being moved.
•    Made an inventory of all damage already done to the car – scratches, dents, marks – inside and out. It’s a good idea to take photographs too.
•    Remove all personal effects from the vehicle.
•    Make a note of the mileage.
•    Do everything you can to minimise the likelihood of damage during transit such as folding in wing mirrors, shutting windows properly and making sure the tyres are properly inflated.

It’s a good idea to be on hand when your courier arrives to answer any questions about the vehicle and the delivery. It will also give you peace of mind to meet your courier and know that your vehicle is in safe hands. When your car arrives at its destination, give it a thorough checking over to make sure no damage has occurred, and check the mileage again. If you’re happy, sign the job off and be sure to leave some feedback for the firm. A good courier can make car delivery as simple and stress free as we’ve described and will be worth every penny you spend.

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