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On ANYVAN all couriers can find, view and bid on courier work all around the UK.  With its unique search functionality all providers have the ability to;

  • Search for courier driver jobs along certain routes that you are travelling
  • Search for courier work within your local areas or even nationally and internationally
  • Search for courier jobs within a certain category type, which include vehicle delivery, furniture delivery and house removals, for example.

We are receiving 600 quote requests daily, so there will be lots of new courier jobs available every day, all across the UK.  It is totally free to use and we don’t charge anything for subscription, we only charge a fee when you are successful!

With its ease of use, Anyvan gives all couriers the chance to register and bid for deliveries that suit their findings.   Once you have registered on the site, you will be sent a verification code. Once you have verified your account, this will be displayed on your profile page, which will in turn give you the ability to win more courier jobs.

Every company using the site can set preferences and save searches, which will allow them to find courier work a lot quicker and avoid wasting any time.  If you’ve viewed a potential courier driver job and would like to save it, you have the ability to ‘watch’ the job, so it stays on your dashboard until you personally delete it.

Bidding for courier jobs could not be easier once you’ve found a suitable job as you place the bid along with a bid message so that you start to build a rapport with the customer.  If you are outbid, we will send an email straight away alerting you that you’ve been outbid.

Anyvan has many benefits that will allow drivers to increase their revenues dramatically on routes that they are already travelling on a weekly or daily basis.

  • Increase your revenue for all courier work by up to 50% or even more
  • Utilise empty van space so your van is constantly full up and making you money.  Why travel around half full like so many others?!
  • No marketing costs needed to find potential courier work as all the jobs are on Anyvan’s platform waiting to receive bids from courier drivers.
  • It’s quick, easy and accessible to use, from either your laptop, home PC or even your mobile phone.  Anyvan could not be easier to use to find courier work.

Every time a courier job is carried out by one of our very own couriers or removal companies, we ask the customer to leave feedback regarding the outcome of the job.  This has many benefits as when your feedback profile increases with the more courier driver jobs completed, the ability to win further work increases. All customers will feel confident in accepting your bid. 

Couriers have the ability to enhance their profile page by writing a business description which is viewed by our users, to become ‘Accredited’ which means that Anyvan have verified the user’s goods in transit insurance or passport and finally by feedback rating scores, which was mentioned above.  In turn, the more effort one takes to expand their profile, the more courier jobs and courier work they will receive. 

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