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Heavy item delivery can be challenging at the best of times and it can be difficult to know where to start.  Some things are just too big to go by post, and impossible to move yourself, so your best bet is to turn to a specialist courier. A reputable company will have a lot of experience in the field, and your item will be in safe hands.

It’s worth shopping around before you choose a delivery company, as you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal as well as a successful move. A recommendation from a friend is always a good way to go, but a scout around the internet can also be rewarding. Many heavy item couriers look for jobs through delivery auction sites, like ANYVAN, and this is a great way to get some feedback on companies that you can shortlist, as well as a good price. Have a thorough read of the feedback, as a positive response from other customers will help you choose your courier and give you peace of mind. It’s vital that you feel confident, especially if your item has a lot of sentimental or financial value.

Once you’ve picked a company, get in touch and ask them some questions, like:

1. What type and level of insurance do they hold?
2. How many men are they happy supplying?
3. Have they had sufficient experience removing heavy items like your own?

The good ones will be happy to spend some time talking to you and should even be prepared to come and view the item, and your house, to make sure there aren’t any tricky corners or small entrances. Seeing an item in situ will help your courier plan for the move and give you a chance to have a chat with them and make sure you’re happy. 

REMEMBER: Make sure there is more than one person coming to move your item as more than one pair of hands will be needed and you don’t want to end up being roped in to help. If you aren’t properly trained it isn’t safe and the couriers insurance, as well as the wellbeing of your item, will be compromised.

Any heavy item delivery company worth their salt will have the correct equipment needed to move your item.  Ask them if they carry:

    •       heavy duty ropes
    •       crates for extra protection
    •       winches for a firm grip
    •       a tail lift so there are no back injuries.  

If you’re moving something really big, like a boat, car or a large pallet, you’ll need a specialist transporter.   Moving a very large item across the country is no small job and it often comes with high price tag due to the risks

1.  The heavy item transporter may not hold the correct insurances incase of something going wrong

2. It is extremely easy to under estimate the vastness of the job in hand.  Get the professionals to ensure the job can be done correctly.
3.  Ensure the route to the van is wide enough to carry the item.  Often this is forgotten about!

It’s worth paying extra for a respectable transporter to ensure that your item arrives at its destination in one piece, and on time. Again, do your homework, look at the feedback and choose carefully. Transport services for heavy large items are in high demand, partly due to eBay having over 7.5 million collection only items per year - eBay users often can’t use the standard parcel couriers as the items they’ve bought are too heavy – so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a reliable firm.

Once your item has been collected and safely deposited at its destination, do the courier company a favour and leave them some positive feedback. Companies that specialise in large item delivery provide a skilled and specialist service and you’ll be helping them, as well as other potential customers, by letting them know what you think of their work. As long as you do the requisite amount of research and speak to the company first so they know exactly what you need, you’ll find that moving your large item won’t be as tricky or expensive as you may have originally thought.

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