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Spain Tops the Table of Dream International Moves


Brits are dreaming of a new life in the Spanish sun, according to new research by the AnyVan research and insight team. Statistics released by AnyVan show that Spain is the most popular destination for UK residents fantasising of a move overseas, with 13% of the respondents picking it as their number one choice.

Those dreaming of living in the Spanish sun would join nearly 300,000 British citizens already living in the country.

The world might not feel as big as it once did, and with 19 hour non-stop flights to Australia now available from the UK, it’s easy to see why Australia and New Zealand ranked joint second in the dream move table, with 12% each. Other popular moves on the wish list included USA (10%), Canada (9%), Italy (7%) and France (6%).

The data shows age is a major factor in determining the popularity of a dream move abroad. Young adults prefer countries with more opportunities for lucrative career prospects and lavish lifestyles. The USA came out top choice for under 34s, with 16% listing this as their favourite, followed by Australia and then Spain. Dubai was also more popular with younger adults, with 4% dreaming of a move to the Middle East. For older adults over the age of 55, New Zealand (14%) came out top of their dream move.

Brits living on the south coast of England seem more keen to keep their coastal lifestyle, with Italy being more popular with people living in Southampton (12%) and Brighton (15%) than the UK average of 7%. For Londoners, New Zealand was the top pick with 13% followed by USA and Canada both at 11% and Australia at 10%.

Angus Elphinstone, CEO of AnyVan commented “It’s nearly a national sport in the UK to dream about moving. From flicking through property prices and listings on Rightmove to sitting down to watch one of the vast number of primetime TV shows offering advice to those looking to change homes for a place in the sun.

“Our research highlighted where people dream to move to, but there were still 16% of residents that didn’t want to move anywhere. With such a vast number of different landscapes, coastal views and green spaces, it’s easy to see why so many are living their dream in the UK and don’t feel they need to move elsewhere.”

AnyVan - Move Anything, Anywhere.
No matter what you are moving: from a King-Sized bed to a framed picture of the Queen; a Grand Piano to a classic Capri; we’ll take care of it all the way from Penzance to Peterhead and beyond.
Save up to 75% on your deliveries and removals.

Get Moving to Secure your Glastonbury Tickets


Getting Glastonbury festival tickets can seem an impossible task, with some going to great lengths to secure them. Here’s an innovative way to get your hands on some tickets!

Each festival year, organiser Michael Eavis holds back a number of weekend tickets for local people. So if you live in certain parts of Somerset, near the Worthy Farm festival site in the village of Pilton, there’s a secret ticket sale. This sale takes place tomorrow (Thursday 18th October 2018) from 12pm.

To take advantage, you have to be a permanent resident within the local catchment areas, as listed on the Glastonbury Festival website. So this could be your chance to grab tickets – as long as you wouldn’t mind moving to the area!

Check it out and you’ll see there are just over 300 properties listed for sale within the Glastonbury catchment area. The most expensive is a beautiful £2 million character property with land, pool and tennis court in West Pennard. If you’re looking for the cheapest option then you can snap up a flat in Shepton Mallet for just £64k. If you are keen to buy a home in the local area then you’ll be pleased to know there is money to be made renting out your property. A 2 bedroom cottage in West Pennard is being listed for over £500 a night during the Glastonbury period!

As there is an obvious time pressure, a rental would offer an immediate solution and there are 81 currently available. Two bedroom rentals in the villages around Glastonbury, such as Wells or Shepton Mallet, cost around £550 a month.

Angus Elphinstone, CEO of AnyVan.com commented “While moving to Somerset might seem a little extreme to secure tickets to Glastonbury, the festival does create some interesting financial opportunities. Like most big events, Glastonbury locals seem to be looking to make a tidy sum of money from festival goers, with hotels charging as much as £1,300 a night and others Airbnbing space in their gardens for glamping in bell tents from £400 a night. ”

AnyVan - Move Anything, Anywhere.
No matter what you are moving: from a King-Sized bed to a framed picture of the Queen; a Grand Piano to a classic Capri; we’ll take care of it all the way from Penzance to Peterhead and beyond.
Save up to 75% on your deliveries and removals.

Finding the right new home is the biggest fear for movers


It’s often said that moving home is one of the most stressful experiences in life, but what exactly causes the most worry? Statistics released by AnyVan showed that nearly half (49%) of movers most fear finding their new home.

Swiftly followed by this was the hassle of packing up belongings, coming in as the second highest fear at 40%, with 26% stressed by unpacking once they’re finally in their new home.

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving a mile down down the road or hundreds of miles across the country, moving day is a difficult day, and this is highlighted by 36% of homeowners fearing the big day itself. Scottish movers in Glasgow (44%) and Edinburgh (43%) feared moving day the most, with Newcastle (32%) and Southampton (33%) feeling the stress less.

The dreaded time period between offer and property completion is another major concern for home buyers. Nearly a quarter (23%) of homeowners fear the conveyancing process.There are regional differences, with a third of movers in Sheffield (33%) fearing conveyancing, with a quarter in London (23%) and fifth in Manchester (20%).

Estate agents are perhaps surprisingly not a big fear factor for movers, with a fifth of homeowners saying they fear finding a good agent to sell their home and just 1 in 10 renters worrying about their letting agent. Renters are more stressed by the dreaded cardboard boxes! Packing (47%) and moving (45%) plays on nearly half of all renters’ minds when moving home.

Angus Elphinstone, CEO of AnyVan commented “It’s interesting to see what the stresses are for those looking to move. With vast numbers worried about packing and unpacking, plus the actual move day, hiring a removal specialist could ease some of the burden of what can be an incredibly worrying time.”

“Our top tips to make your move less daunting are to get organised and create a moving checklist. On your moving day start early to avoid being rushed and make sure all your boxes are labelled to help unpacking in your new home. Most of all, try not to stress too much as arriving in a new home is a wonderful thing and a big life event you should enjoy.

If you have moving fear you might be interested in reading our advice for reducing stress when moving.

AnyVan - Move Anything, Anywhere.
No matter what you are moving: from a King-Sized bed to a framed picture of the Queen; a Grand Piano to a classic Capri; we’ll take care of it all the way from Penzance to Peterhead and beyond.
Save up to 75% on your deliveries and removals.

Massive increase in Londoners moving overseas

Our latest research shows a staggering 64% increase in the amount of Londoners looking to move overseas.  The latest statistics show migration demand from the capital since the start of 2018. The figures highlight the huge increase in movers going overseas, but also has interesting insights into UK based hotspots for those moving out of the capital.

Migration from London is at its highest ever level”

Bedford has seen the biggest demand change in the UK, with an increase of 40%. With average house prices in the area at just over £321,000, the area is a popular hotspot for those escaping the capital to the commuter zone.

Peterborough might be 80 miles from the capital, but with a quick 55 minute direct train connection into Kings Cross, it’s easy to understand why it’s third on the list with an increase of 37% since January.

Coastal locations in the UK are also proving popular, with Norfolk up 35%, Cornwall up 34% and Devon up 33%.  

The North is also seeing huge leaps in popularity, with our research showing that half of the biggest removal hotspots in 2018 are for the Midlands and beyond. Derby demand is up 34% since the turn of the year with Northumberland and Manchester both up 33%,  North Yorkshire follows at 32% and both Lincolnshire and Leeds are up 30%.

The year on year demand trends show a similar trend, with North Lanarkshire and Darlington both seeing an increase of over 100% and Peterborough up 92%. The northeast scored high with Sunderland up 89%, Durham up 79% and East Riding up 73%. Areas of the Northwest also scored high with north Liverpool area Sefton up 79% and Blackpool up 72%.

Angus Elphinstone, CEO of AnyVan commented “Migration from London is at its highest ever level,  according to ONS records and we’re certainly seeing this increase in demand at AnyVan. Our most popular destinations moving out of the London continue to be Hertfordshire and Berkshire, but it is locations in the north that have seen a healthy increase in demand since the turn of the year.

“Capital property prices are likely to be a big factor in all of this, pushing out buyers who can not afford to buy and also owners cashing in their equity to buy in cheaper locations throughout the UK.

AnyVan - Move Anything, Anywhere.
No matter what you are moving: from a King-Sized bed to a framed picture of the Queen; a Grand Piano to a classic Capri; we’ll take care of it all the way from Penzance to Peterhead and beyond.
Save up to 75% on your deliveries and removals.

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