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The simple answer is yes – should the unforeseen occur, it would always be wise to have sufficient insurance to cover your worldly possessions. However, with so many grey areas around insurance as a whole, you need to dispel any remaining ambiguity around the safety of your goods during a home removal.

Moving insurance is a factor often overlooked until the last minute when relocating – but do be warned that not all removal companies will cover your items should a problem occur. For peace of mind, it is always wise to explore options in good time before moving home.

The moving contract itself will often limit liability to defined amounts; so your 50” television or antique chaise may, in fact, be effectively unprotected during transit. It’s important to always inspect your moving contract thoroughly, looking for anywhere within your moving package that your chosen movers provide ‘valuation’ or ‘liability’ and not insurance.

How to Pack for an International Move

Types of valuation cover

The three types of valuation cover can be understood in the following forms:

  • Complete value – Indemnifying the mover’s property against damage, breakage or loss. However, this protection is often filled with clauses such as minimum coverage;
  • Assessed value –  This protection is solely based upon a valuation of goods, and hence increased based on the understood value of the items;
  • Assessed weight –  Uncommon in domestic moves and seen more often for international or freight moves – weight assessment covers goods based upon an agreed price per kilo.

Transport company insurance requirements

Transporters themselves will need to hold a range of insurances to cover their day-to-day duties:

  • Public liability insurance – In relation to a customer’s move, will cover any damage to the property itself – such as scuffs to the walls or floors;
  • Goods in transit insurance – This covers the items themselves from the moment they are picked up at the collection property, all the way to their final destination at the delivery location. This insurance will commonly have both an excess amount and a claim limit;
  • Employers liability insurance – Covers the removal workers themselves during the move;
  • CMR – This is a specific moving insurance required for the movement of goods within Europe. All European movers will likely have obtained this insurance before quoting for non-domestic moves as it is required at most border crossings.

Given the reality that most removal companies will limit their liability as explained above, it is always advisable to investigate alternative or third party insurance options.

Do I need moving insurance?

Review your home or household insurance

The first option is to review your home or household insurance. In some cases, you may discover that your homeowner’s policy has cover for domestic removals. If you think this may be the case, you will probably need to notify your insurers of the specific move date, destination and the removal company. It’s advisable to investigate this well in advance of the final moving date.

Purchase your own insurance

The second option is to purchase your own insurance from a third party. All inclusive cover against loss and damage can be purchased based upon a valuation of goods at relatively inexpensive rates. As with all insurance though, we advise you to shop around for the best deal, and be sure to read into small print – particularly on areas regarding limited liability and deductibles.

Choose a removal company with the full package

Of course, some removal companies do offer the full package – with a premium level insurance giving you protection against loss and/or damage to your personal effects or property.

In all three of the options above, certain limitations may be in place to protect the removal company. This often includes a lack of cover for self-packed personal effects and electrical items. If you are considering packing boxes yourself, it is considered wise to check with your chosen removal company or insurer whether this has an effect on your cover. Some companies will only insure boxes if they’ve been packed by a professional mover. This is an additional service offered by most moving firms – and does add on both time and money to your removal quote.

Similarly, ask your mover if there are any items in your move that are not covered by the chosen policy. This can commonly include televisions, antiques, computers and other more fragile and high worth effects.

If you are searching for a professional moving company incorporating a full insurance cover alongside the option of a packing service and expert advice along the way, visit AnyVan to see how we compare!

Moving? Don't Panic!
Get ready with our top tips.
Home Removal Man and Van Vehicle Delivery Courier Service
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