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Sofa is an integral part of every living room, which is why a lot of people spend a lot of money to get the sofa of their choice. Very seldom do we see people leaving their sofa behind when they are shifting from one home to another. This is also a cause for concern for a lot of people, as sofa delivery is a task that can be entrusted only to professional delivery service providers, who understand the importance of delivering furniture items with care. This is where AnyVan makes a positive difference.

•    AnyVan has a wide spectrum of furniture delivery service providers who have plenty of carriers moving across the country, shifting goods from one location to another.
•    AnyVan will bring you closer to the top sofa courier companies in the country, so that you can stop worrying about whether your sofa will be delivered without harm and on time.
•    AnyVan also utilizes the effectiveness of a bidding process to ensure that several domestic and international delivery service providers are vying for your order. This will also help in customers getting reasonable rates and exceptional customer service, which is hard to find elsewhere in the delivery service industry.

Sofa delivery services can be entrusted only to professional delivery service providers who have the experience as well as expertise to delivery household furniture items. Depending on whether your sofa has leather or fabric upholstery, whether it has solid wood or metal frames the packing, loading and unpacking has to be done with care. However, with AnyVan sofa couriers you can stop worrying about the sofa delivery, once you post your requirement online and invite quotes from several companies across the country.

As the delivery service providers offer you complimentary quotes based on whether they have carriers with available space plying between the same locations, you can do your due diligence on the site, by checking their reputation and past ratings. Thus, every vendor can be reviewed based on the charges for the delivery as well as past service. You can sift through all the sofa delivery companies looking for the order and make a well informed decision. At the same time your time and effort is saved to a great extent as you can stop looking elsewhere for trustworthy furniture delivery service providers. You are assured of the best possible courier rates in the country without compromising the service quality.

The bidding process employed by AnyVan is quite simple. In the first step, you will provide the requirement on the site. In the next step, various sofa delivery companies will start bidding for the order thus allowing you to compare the rates and feedback simultaneously. When you are fully satisfied that you have found a vendor who offers the right combination of customer service and reasonable pricing, you simply need to click on the “accept” button thus notifying the site that you have selected your vendor for the sofa delivery.

At this point you will have to make a small payment deposit after which you will receive the contact details of the sofa courier company of your choice, including address and phone number. Similarly, your contact details will flow to the vendor who could get in touch with you for further details about the assignment and your expectations. Thus your sofa delivery assignment can take place without your sweating over local search listings and review sites for removals providers who are reliable and yet don’t cost you a lot of money. All you need to do is talk to one vendor in the end and yet stay assured of quality delivery service.

Feedback is an integral part of the AnyVan system. The understanding that no system can evolve without candid feedback is firmly ingrained in the AnyVan way of working. Customers are requested to spend a few minutes to offer the feedback about the vendor they have chosen. This feedback will be registered in the system after which future customers can refer to it while making their decision. Once the sofa delivery assignment is completed, you can provide suggestions and feedback, good or bad. This will not only highlight those vendors who have been able to please the customers with good service but also those who have not been able to provide delivery service as per the customers’ expectations.

The feedback system also works as an incentive for the sofa delivery companies. This is because they can look at this as an opportunity to get more business, especially if customers provide a good rating to them. The man and van providers will also abstain from making false commitments as that could tarnish their reputation and adversely affect the number of customers who would opt for their services. Thus the feedback system helps more and more customers with their decision making process.

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