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Specialist couriers for high value and fragile goods

If you’re in need of a specialist courier service to provide delivery on high value goods, you won’t want to hedge your bets on choosing the safest transport. This is particularly true if you’re moving fragile antiques or art.

Whether you’re an antique dealer or a homeowner trying to arrange shipping for a painting, there is every chance you may lose sleep until you know for sure that your consignment has safely reached its destination.

With AnyVan, you can find a multitude of antique and fine art couriers with years of experience and a glowing reputation so that you know your high value items are in safe hands.

  • Stress-free - take the anxiety out of arranging courier companies for your valuables; simply post your job, and leave the rest to us.
  • High value goods couriers at low prices - we offer insured parcel delivery for valuable objects at the most competitive prices that can’t be found elsewhere.
  • Professional shipping services - our huge network of transport providers includes the UK’s most experienced handlers of valuable items such as paintings and antiques.

AnyVan take the stress out of insured parcel delivery

How do you know which specialist courier can be trusted with your high value items? When it comes to transporting a fragile or insured parcel, you want total reassurance that your item will get from A to B in one piece. However, it isn’t very often that people need to organise art shipping or antique delivery, and recommendations may be difficult to come by.

Enter AnyVan. We’re a dedicated delivery auction site, with links to thousands of experienced couriers who have experience in moving anything from heavy goods to fragile items.

By using our site to list the high value or fragile goods which need to be delivered, you will be put in touch with our network of specialist couriers, fine art shippers and high value goods delivery companies.

These couriers will then bid for the chance to transport your goods to your chosen destination. This is an opportunity which will save you time and anxiety over how your antiques are transported, while making use of vacant space within the driver’s vehicle.

Finding the right courier for your art and antiques

Of course, you won’t want just anyone loading your high value goods into a delivery van. AnyVan have the solution to that anxiety as well - all of our specialist courier companies have onsite profiles which show feedback and ratings from previous customers. This ensures that you get a specialist delivery service you can trust.

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