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Purchasing furniture is one thing and transporting it another. Most of the regular furniture courier companies will charge an astronomical sum to transport even the smallest piece of furniture. However, you can save an incredible sum if you make a smart choice that scores of people have already made.

• Use the Anyvan auction site and you will know what we mean. If you haven’t tried using the free services of this website until now, just go ahead and give it a try as you have nothing to lose.
• This is a free to use website that operates on a very simple and straightforward principle. If you have to transport your favourite cot to another location or move any of the household furniture, you don’t have to break into a sweat just thinking about the costs involved.
• All you have to do is just post a list of items on the website and you will receive multiple quotes from various furniture couriers companies. If you wish to accept the bid you may do so, otherwise you may simply wait for better quotes as you are under no obligation to accept these bids.

Best furniture courier companies

There are a number of furniture courier companies that are already headed in different directions as they transport furniture locally and to European locations and other foreign locations as well. Although, they are already booked on their journey, only part of the space in these vans is actually filled and they sometimes have a lot of free space that remains unutilized. Man and van companies cannot afford to keep sending vans that have unutilized space as they would end up burning a whole lot of fuel and this will increase their operational costs as well. So, these companies play it safe by being a part of the network such as Anyvan, as they will be assured of business right through the year.

From the moment you post your list and register on the website, you are part of a free bidding process where you have the freedom to choose the company you want, to move your furniture.
This is one way for furniture couriers to ensure that they have enough bookings for their vans. It is also an innovative way for companies to ensure that they offer some of the best prices for their customers. So, just post your list and let the bids keep rolling in.

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