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On our books, we have thousands of removal companies that are already online who are willing to help you move.  We specialise in all sorts of removals and removal jobs.  Our network of removals companies are on hand both in the UK and on the continent.  

We can offer you the best prices at the most competitive rates - it simple.  All you need to do is place your removal requirements on Anyvan and then you can get access to our whole network of removers across the country.  Our bespoke removal company softare allows them to find all the new removal jobs at the click of a couple of buttons.  Every quote on the website is no obligation and we do not charge any fees.  

All you have to do is complete the listing process and sit back and start to receive removal & man and van quotes.  Easy!!

You are ready to go and sit back as your removals job is live on the site. Brilliant! Our aim is to provide you with the best companies out there. With Anyvan, you no longer have to trawl the internet, flick through pages of names and numbers to find the right removals company, as with us, we do the hard work for you. When new bids are placed, you'll get immediately alerted to give you up to date progress of the removal companies that have been bidding to complete your house or flat move. We advise our customers to look out for some certain elements when choosing which removals or courier company is best for you.

1. Recommended star rating; if a removals company or courier services has been recommended by Anyvan, they will have a coloured star behind their name for a continued good service to its clients.

2. Feedback - When you receive quotes you will be able to check the removal companies profile pages which has all the correct details to aid your decision making.

It's very simple but we do urge you to spend a bit of time ensuring the right move has been made by selecting the number one provider.

The fun part - you would have received a number of quotes from removal companies wishing to carry out your job. It is completely up to you if you wish to accept any of those bids or not as you are under no obligation to. We can happily assure you, you will save a lot of time and money accepting one of the removal quotes you will receive. So, you've now successfully completed the reviewing process and are happy with your chosen company.

It's time to accept - this is done by paying a small deposit onto the website to secure the job and allow the removals companies to start to confirm their routes and firm up any outstanding plans to fit in with your job. Once accepted, we advocate that both parties contact each other prior to the removal date in order to avoid any mishaps. Please do sign all check in and checkout documents on arrival and departure of goods.

We ask all our users to give us 30 seconds of our time to express their opinion of the service you experienced by means of leaving feedback for the removals companies that actually completed your removal. It's vital for the fluidity of the system and also the benefit of other people searching for similar services that you do take the time.

All comments show on the removal company's profile page by means of positive, neutral or negative - please be fair and to the point. On the off chance you weren't 100% satisfied, get in touch with the provider and discuss what could have been better.

All removal companies are eager to know how to improve their service and make the next consumer even happier as before. Here at Anyvan we thrive to make a safe marketplace.

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5 stars

Awesome service !!

Mike was very helpful and courteous.

Pradeep Rajput

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