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AnyVan can help you to find the most trusted and experienced car transporters in the UK. We know that arranging a car delivery or collection, or a trailer for a single vehicle, can be extremely difficult. With so many separate competing car delivery companies, it can sometimes feel impossible to make a good decision. This is where we we can help: no matter what your make or state of your car, collection and delivery has never been easier or more convenient.

  • Reliable transportation for any type of car - no matter the state or style of your vehicle, our drivers can get it from A to B safely, speedily and without a scratch
  • The best car shipping rates online - we can save our customers up to 75% compared with other transportation companies
  • Experienced car movers across Europe - we can help you find the ideal moving professionals for your vehicle
  • Customer reviews on every transport provider - each company in our network of movers are reviewed by previous customers, ensuring your job gets the reliable service it deserves

Fuss-free transportation of non-operational vehicles

When it comes to un-roadworthy cars, delivery can often be a time-consuming process. If you need to transport a vehicle for parts or repair, there is simply no other option than organising car movers to take it from A to B. Thanks to our vast network of thousands of companies, we can ensure that you find the car collection and delivery service to best suit your vehicle.

Our network of professional vehicle transportation companies have a great deal of experience in transporting non-running vehicles, making sure they get on and off the van with no risk of damage. Hiring your own trailer and securing your vehicle inside it is a risky, time-consuming job if you don’t have previous experience; one sharp stop too many on the motorway could have disastrous effects on your vehicle if it isn’t fastened correctly.

It will also take less time than it would by other means, as you won’t have to wait for a blank slot in an existing car delivery service’s schedule. If a driver is available, we can arrange it, no matter what state your vehicle is in. By leaving it to professionals, you can be sure that your car will be delivered by a safe pair of hands.

Luxury car delivery services you can trust 

We know that car delivery needs vary from job to job. You may have purchased a family car for regular use, but have no way of collecting the vehicle yourself. Likewise, it’s unlikely that you would want to make a long haul journey in a newly-purchased sports car or 4x4 when you could simply get in contact with a bespoke delivery service. Rather than clocking up miles and risking on-road damage, our experienced luxury car movers for all varieties - from jeeps to sports cars - will ensure your top of the line vehicle gets where it needs to go both safely and securely.

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