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We are a small, family run, but professional removal company based in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire. We undertake every type of removals from small local moves to complete international relocations. We operate 25 m3 (850 cubic feet) boxed Iveco luton vans.

We know that a removal van has to be reliable so we service our fleet regardless of costs. In the worst case we are prepareded with breakdown cover in order to get the unlikely situation sorted as fast as possible. We have goods in transit insurance up to 15.000 GBP, public liability insurance up to 1 million GBP.

In order to secure your items we use special removal blankets, bubble wrap or cardboards. To fix them we use bungee cords, or straps whichever necessary. Most of the times our vans operated with a 2 men crew, so you don't have to worry about the loading and unloading. The lorries are supplied with modern satnavs to find the way, and removal trolleys for heavy items.

Our T&C will be emailed once the bid is accepted, as it is to long to include here. The most important thing is that you need to list your items as accurately as you can, so we give you a proper quote. Extra work which was not agreed before accepting our quote won't be done free of charge! In our bidding message we clarify the number of staff and trips, if extra needed it will result in extra charge!

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Jobs Completed 985
Recommendations 360
Insurance Cover £15000
Member Since 43 months ago
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My Vans

Luton Van

Luton Van

Load Size: 25 Cubic Meters