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All you need to do is list your delivery job

Tell us what you need to move in as much or as little detail as you want. Pick your dates and location. You are then ready to start saving as much as 75% more than using a normal moving company.

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Wait for delivery companies to quote

Using our unique technology we match you up with companies doing similar routes as you, within about 20 minutes of listing your item you will start receiving quotations.

List your item for delivery video

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Review all your received quotes and information about the delivery companies. Then select the quote that best suits you. And thats it, it really is that simple! Learn more

How AnyVan Works

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Our Services

Man with a van

Choose from thousands of man and van companies in your area.

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Courier Services

Courier companies are waiting to quote you for your delivery.

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Removal Companies

Receive multiple removals quotes in under an hour!

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Vehicle Transport

AnyVan can help you to move cars, tractors, caravans and bikes.

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eBay Delivery Service

Buying on eBay - Deliver it through AnyVan - Save 75%

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Furniture Delivery

Buy your furniture anywhere and have it delivered for less with us.

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Student Movers

Any students out there looking for a cheap move? Try us now.

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Storage Quotes

Get instant cheap storage quotes on AnyStorage.

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