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Student Tips - Moving Back Home For Christmas

Posted 20/10/2014 in Student moving

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So it’s officially December! Which means a few things: it’s getting colder, it’s getting darker but most importantly it’s almost Christmas! The decorations are starting to go up and that warm fuzzy atmosphere is coming about! Many of you will be heading home from uni soon, and it will probably be the first time you’ve been home since September! So as exciting as it is, it can still be slightly stressful, so we have come up with a few tips to help you move back home. Narnia
  1. Prepare your travel back – the earlier on you book, the cheaper it’ll be! So get it booked now! Trains are usually the best way to get back home, although you can try Megabus, as it’s probably the cheapest way of getting home. If you’re looking at taking a lot of things back with you (3 months’ worth of washing!) and you haven’t got Mum or Dad to come pick you up, list your stuff on AnyVan.com, where you can get cheap quotes within 30 minutes!
  2. Don’t forget your Christmas presents - Universities break up quite near Christmas so if you’re studying in a city, now may be the time to get your Christmas shopping done! If you don't have time, try shopping online and have it delivered back home, so you have one less thing to try carry. Also, look for places where you get student discount.
  3. Get as much of your work done as early as possible - You probably have plenty of deadlines in January, but its fine because it’s only December, right? No! Get it done now! You’ll feel so much better knowing when you’re at home that you don’t have any work to do. Try and enjoy your Christmas break, you don’t want to have a few thousand words to write! Get it done now, then you can relax!
  4. Close all your windows, blinds, curtains – Keep everything in your room out of sight, especially if you’re on the bottom floor. If you have a television or computer, try and put it under your desk/bed or take it home with you. It’s horrible to say, but university halls are likely to be broken into whilst students are away for Christmas. Try not leave any valuables if you can, and if you need to then keep them well out of sight. You don’t want to give someone a reason to try get into your room.
  5. Turn everything off! – Make sure everything is turned off and unplugged, you don’t want to be coming back after Christmas to a hefty electric bill.
  6. Empty the fridge – The last thing you want is to be coming back in January to gone off food in the fridge. Either eat what you can before you go, freeze it or bin it.
  7. Make plans for being at home – You may be looking forward to chilling out and not having any work to do but you will most likely find that you’ll get bored very easily. You’re now used to having people constantly around you and always doing something. So maybe make plans with your friends from home for when you’re back. Keep busy so you don’t miss university too much. It will also give you less chance to annoy your parents who by now are used to having you living away!
  8. Lastly – enjoy yourself! – It’s Christmas, have a good one!

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