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Upcycling an Outdoor Dining Area

AnyVan has teamed up with Lynne Lambourne of Love Nellie to bring you a new Ultimate Upcycling Trilogy with perfectly easy ‘how-to’ transformation guides. We are excited to bring you the third and final instalment of our trilogy which offers a step-by-step guide for Upcycling an outdoor dining area.

Timed to perfection, this project got underway just as the UK reached temperatures that rivalled Palm Springs! I decided to create an outdoor dining area, and by that, I don’t mean buying one of those uncomfortable teak tables and chair sets. They only look good for one summer and then you end up having to spend hours making them look presentable for the next year. I wanted to be creative and upcycle some items to create a space that would not only look great but wouldn’t break the bank. If we are imaginative we can create a space in the garden that acts as an additional room, a social space that will have your neighbours making excuses to pop over and join you for a drink at the drop of a hat.

The Furniture

I had an old farmhouse dining table that I wanted to upcycle. I painted it a few years ago but it was very much in need of smartening up and weatherproofing. You can buy old tables on second-hand sites such as Preloved and Gumtree that are very reasonably priced. Don’t be put off buying pre-owned furniture or worrying how you will get them home. This is where AnyVan can come in to save the day – but let’s get back to the project!

Upcycled Outdoor Dining Area

There are so many paints on the market at the moment that will claim to be ‘outdoor paint’ but I have always trusted Ronseal for my outdoor projects. I picked up a shade called ‘Midnight Blue’ which I just knew would add a touch of sophistication to the garden. I wanted a colour that would have a real impact, not the usual pastel garden colours that everyone expects. I had also salvaged a vintage fireplace that will be painted the same colour which will be a great place to display plants, lanterns and candles helping you add some style to the area. The outdoor fireplace will serve as a focal point in the garden and will be adding to that feeling of an additional room.

The Prep

Before I started painting both the fireplace and the table, I made sure they were given a good clean and any old paint was sanded off. Thorough preparation always ensures a great finish – you don’t want to be painting on top of old, flaky paint because you want to rush into the exciting bits of the project. If you have an electric sander this is the time to dig it out – it can save your arm muscles and speed the job up.

The Paint

Once the wood is prepared, it is time to paint. A quick stir of the paint and a good quality brush and we are good to go. The Ronseal outdoor paint was easy to use and gave great coverage. The first coat may look a little patchy, but the second coat will even it all out. One of the biggest mistakes people make when they paint is applying the first coat it far too thickly, but thin and even layers are what we are aiming for.

Upcycled outdoor dining area

It was a hot and sunny day when I started, so the time taken for the paint to dry was faster than usual. Always let each coat dry properly before applying the next so that you can get a smooth finish.

The Finishing Touches

The fireplace was transformed and the paint added a slight sheen, bringing the wood back to life and making it look as good as new.
I wanted to keep the top of the table natural wood whilst the legs were painted ‘Midnight Blue’. I applied outdoor varnish on the table top to protect our upcycled project from the elements and spillage that are bound to happen. The varnish is only white when on the application so you can see if you have any large drips and even out. When this dries, it will become clear.

upcycled outdoor dining area

Outdoor mirrors are a great way of adding a touch of class to the outdoor space and, if angled correctly, can reflect the lovely green areas of the garden to your seating area – almost like a piece of living artwork. I found mine on a second-hand website and thought it would look perfect above the fireplace.

Once the mirror was in place, all that was needed was a glass of summer Rose and some solar lighting. I found some perfect vintage-looking large solar light bulbs in Robert Dyas and suspended them on a thin rope from the balcony above the seating area. They added a real feature to the area.

 upcycled outdoor dining area

For the final touches, I needed a few plants to make this outdoor dining area complete. I chose succulents as they are easy to grow and don’t require too much watering. The hanging planters were from Ikea and I planted them with herbs, giving off a lovely fresh aroma when passing.

The Outcome

The outdoor space has been transformed and it was so easy to do. I promise you as you sit there, a glass of wine in hand on a summers day with your friends it will be worth all the effort. The kids love it too – the only problem may be persuading them to come back indoors for dinner!

upcycled outdoor dining area upcycled outdoor dining area

If you need help getting your newly upcycled projects or materials back home, get in touch with AnyVan today for a free quote! We move anything, anywhere.

AnyVan - Move Anything, Anywhere.
No matter what you are moving: from a King-Sized bed to a framed picture of the Queen; a Grand Piano to a classic Capri; we’ll take care of it all the way from Penzance to Peterhead and beyond.

How to Pack for Moving House

Moving into a new house is all wonderful and exciting until you start to think about how much stuff you actually have to move. These tips will make your life so much easier!


    1. Pack an overnight bag containing all of the essentials
    2. Pack the items you will need first in a clear plastic box
    3. Wrap your breakables in bubble wrap or clothes
    4. For extra padding, pack your glasses with clean socks
    5. As well as labelling your boxes, add what room they will be going in to
    6. Number your boxes so you know which ones to unpack first
    7. If you can, clean your new home before you move in
    8. Place extra cotton pads or balls in your powder cosmetics to stop them cracking or breaking
    9. Cover the openings to your toiletries with cling film and reseal them
    10. Place your plates vertically when you pack them up – they’re less likely to break this way
    11. Keep sandwich/freezer bags handy for loose screws and parts when dissembling furniture and tape them to one of the parts
    12. Take a photo of how the where the wires go behind the tv and other electricals. This will come in handy when it comes time to transport your TV
    13. Cut down on boxes by using your laundry basket, hampers and suitcases to pack items
    14. Putting clothes already on a hanger in a large bag or bin bag will save you so much time
    15. Vacuum pack out of season clothing and teddies

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    16. If your friends are helping you move, give them first dibs on unwanted items
    17. Make sure you are completely packed before your friends or the removal company shows up
    18. If you have fragile items, such as valuable art or a piano, it may be worth hiring professionals to help you move. Here is our guide on How to Pack Fragile Items for Moving
    19. If you are renting, take photos of the condition you are leaving the property in, and the condition of the new property before moving in
    20. Fill in nail holes in your previous home with a bar of soap
    21. Change your address 2 weeks before moving into your new home
    22. If you realise you don’t need some of your possessions in your new home, consider donating and selling them
    23. If you’re moving within the same city or area, consider hiring someone to look after children or pets. If you’re moving further away, check out these articles on how to make moving with children and pets be as stress-free as possible

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    24. Remember to defrost your fridge and unplumb your washing machine at least a day before the move
AnyVan - Move Anything, Anywhere.
No matter what you are moving: from a King-Sized bed to a framed picture of the Queen; a Grand Piano to a classic Capri; we’ll take care of it all the way from Penzance to Peterhead and beyond.

WIN a haul of Cadbury Creme Eggs this Easter

We are offering one lucky person the chance to win a huge haul of Cadbury Creme Eggs just in time for Easter! If you’re looking for an egg-cellent treat, then keep reading!

“How do I enter?” we hear you ask – it’s simple! There are 2 ways to enter.
> For Twitter: Follow @AnyVan on Twitter and Retweet our competition post. (See post here!)
> For Facebook: LikeComment and Share the competition post. (See post here!)

Terms and conditions

One winner will be picked at random. Presentation of the prize may vary slightly to the one pictured. You must be over the age of 18 to be eligible to win. There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to enter this competition. You must do ALL of the steps for your chosen platform. Steps for your chosen platform are stated above. One entry per person. If you enter on both platforms, you will only be submitted into the competition ONCE. Competition ends at 23:59 on 12th April 2019. All entries made after the closing date will not be valid.

No cash alternative to the chocolates will be offered.

The winner will be chosen at random by the AnyVan team. The winners will be notified via Twitter or Facebook within 7 days of the competition ending. If the winner cannot be contacted or they do not claim the prize within 14 days of notification, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize and pick the next eligible winner. AnyVan’s decision is final and any correspondence will not be entered into.

By entering this competition, participants give AnyVan permission to use their name and picture when announcing the winner on our social media platforms and in any other promotional material.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook, Twitter, or Cadbury. You are providing your information to AnyVan and not to any other party.

AnyVan reserves the right to cancel or amend this competition, including its terms and conditions, at any time without notice.

Competition for UK residents only. AnyVan will deliver the prize to the customer’s UK address via post or local pick-up at our offices in Hammersmith. Delivery of the items will be dependent on stock availability.

AnyVan - Move Anything, Anywhere.
No matter what you are moving: from a King-Sized bed to a framed picture of the Queen; a Grand Piano to a classic Capri; we’ll take care of it all the way from Penzance to Peterhead and beyond.

Property Grand Prix


Race fans at the ready! With a fortnight until the start of the F1 season, we have created the 2019 Property Grand Prix, which gives grid positions to each GP based on the property values of the country.

At the top of the grid, Monaco takes pride of place in pole position of the Property Grand Prix. Monaco is the crown jewel of the F1 calendar and boasts an incredible property cost at roughly £57k per square metre, meaning an average home value is almost £5m. On race day in Monaco, the yachts that line the harbour will also cost more than the most luxurious of homes!

Lining up second on the grid is Singapore with £13k per sq metre and an average value of £1.1m. 3rd is Japan which has an average home at just over half a million pounds. The UK is the heart of F1 and is placed 9th with Russia, Azerbaijan and Mexico at the bottom of the grid.

Lewis Hamilton is the current F1 champ and earnt a reported £50m last season! Breaking the figures down that is £137k a day, £5.7k an hour or £95 for every minute! A Formula 1 weekend normally lasts 3 days so Lewis bags over £410k for his three days work.  This means for a weekends work Lewis can afford to buy an average property from 15 of all the 21 tracks in the race calendar. Hamilton is now a five-time Formula One World Champion and widely regarded as one of the greatest drivers in the history of the sport. Hamilton was born in the Stevenage and as we’re talking property, this means his salary last season could buy over 160 average priced homes in the area!

Moving expert Angus Elphinstone, CEO of AnyVan commented “F1 is all about the glitz and glamour and is global motoring racing showcase. Our Property Grand Prix grid highlights the gulf in average property prices around the globe, with Monaco way out in front.“

The F1 season kicks off on March 17th in Melbourne in Australia.

AnyVan - Move Anything, Anywhere.
No matter what you are moving: from a King-Sized bed to a framed picture of the Queen; a Grand Piano to a classic Capri; we’ll take care of it all the way from Penzance to Peterhead and beyond.

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