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Eco Mission

Our vans are
Carbon Balanced

AnyVan makes the most of existing journeys to use as little fuel as possible, but while we massively reduce our carbon footprint through route matching, our vans still produce CO2, just like the others.

Our ambition is for AnyVan to be the greenest way to move on the planet, so we’ve teamed up with World Land Trust to balance all the CO2 our vans produce, by protecting and restoring threatened tropical forests each and every time we move.


AnyVan Storage

A secure, low-cost, efficient end-to-end storage solution, offering collection, packing, storage, insurance and re-delivery as required.

We are up to 50% cheaper than traditional self-storage companies.

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We balance all our
emissions by protecting
tropical forests in Vietnam

Saving threatened habitats

We are proud to be helping World Land Trust’s Carbon Balancing project which aims to protect and recover 20,000 hectares of tropical forest in Vietnam. We have so far helped by offsetting over 6,500 tonnes of CO2 towards their goal in our first year and are excited to be helping offset more each time we move! The project is designed to internationally recognised standards towards achieving third-party certification of net positive climate, social, and biodiversity benefits.

Our commitment to the World Land Trust is to support the protection of an area of forest by Carbon Balancing CO2 emissions from all our deliveries and removals. The project protects and restores tropical forests in Vietnam and also protects endangered species such as the critically endangered Sunda Pangolin, Bourret’s Box Turtles, the Giant Muntjac and the White-cheeked Gibbon.

It is an important project for us here at AnyVan - the work of World Land Trust is making a big impact to the environment and enabling companies like AnyVan to make a meaningful difference.

A message from Sir David Attenborough

WLT’s Carbon Balanced programme give us a way of helping put back what we are taking away. I would urge everyone to think deeply about what is important in life and to consider the consequences of daily activities. The money that is given to the World Land Trust, in my estimation, has more effect on the wild world than almost anything I can think of.

Sir David Attenborough
OM CH FRS. Patron, World Land Trust

Free moves for good deeds

We’ve been asked to help move some amazing charity causes over the past 11 years – and offering free moves for good deeds is an aspect of AnyVan that means a lot to us. Explore the progress of our Magic Van to learn more.

Good Deed Partners

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