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One might think that caravan transportation needs some very special skills because of their size. However, that is not true especially in todays times. There are a number of companies that transport caravans and there is no dearth of transporters in this day and age. Finding the right person to do the job is the most challenging thing.

Instead of wasting time and resources calling different companies, it would be much simpler to just visit the Anyvan website a delivery auction site with a massive network of thousands of transporters and courier services providers.
Anyone can use this website as it is absolutely free and even the quotes that are provided by the service providers are free of obligation.
 If you have a caravan that needs to be transported, all you have to do is put up your requirement on the Anyvan website and wait for the caravan transportation providers to send in their bids.
This is an auction and the bids are open for all to see and this will help in fetching a decent number of bids from transport companies.

Best caravan transportation companies

Ensure that you post the exact measurements of the caravan and include the vehicle transportation time as well as collection and delivery details. Posting the right measurements is really critical as you wouldn't want any confusion after the caravan transportation company sends in the trailer.
It is also important for you to decide how you want your caravan to be transported from the collection point to the delivery point. There are two options the caravan can either be driven or it may be towed. Mobile homes or static caravans, however, have to be placed onto a trailer and it may push up the transportation costs.
If you are flexible on the delivery times, you can be sure of receiving innumerable quotes. During caravan transportation, it is important to go through professionals like the ones that are available in the Anyvan network. There are a number of fake courier companies that don't have necessary equipment to transport caravans. However, when you go through Anyvan, you can check out the rating system and then make a decision. Wait for companies to send the quotes based on your requirement.

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