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Moving house is a big job; the planning alone should usually be started weeks in advance, especially if you want to avoid any major headaches or late-fees. We often get asked exactly long long it takes to move house, with the answer being that… it depends!

Exactly how long it takes to move house will vary on a case by case basis. Houses of different sizes will have various amounts to pack up, lift out and transport, while your location will decide how far you need to travel and how much traffic you need to worry about.

It is important to consider all of these different jobs together if you want an accurate idea of how much time you should give yourself to move house. Keep in mind that if you can give all of this information to an experienced local remover, they should also be able to give you a good estimate for how long the job will take. If you want to get everything finished as quickly as possible, it will usually be worth considering a remover, provided they offer a fair price.

How long does it take to move house on average?

On average, it usually takes several weeks to move house, the main reason being that the process can take a huge amount of time to arrange. You cannot afford to leave anything until the last minute; not only will this cause you a great deal of stress on the moving day itself, but you could also find yourself having to pay late and last minute fees.

Rather than giving yourself an ‘average’ amount of time to move, it will be better to start with a checklist of tasks to complete. Ideally, you will be able to get started on these as soon as you know that you are moving.

  • Paperwork – it will be absolutely crucial to finalise the details of transferring the ownership of your new property, or simply signing all the necessary paperwork for the estate agent or landlord you are renting from. Get this out of the way quickly so that there are no delays in getting your keys
  • Utility providers – You will want to call your gas, electricity, water and internet service providers weeks in advance to let them know your moving date along with your new address. They may also ask for your current meter readings so that they can arrange the final bill
  • Belongings – Make a list of everything you want to take with you, then declutter or sell everything else. This should allow you to decide how much packaging you will need for your belongings, after which you can start looking for free cardboard boxes. Be sure to start packing early on, but leave your most essential belongings for last so that you can find them again quickly.
  • Take time off work – The further in advance you do this, the more likely your boss will be to approve it. Many choose to move on Friday or Monday so that they can make use of the weekend to get everything sorted, though you can usually save money by moving mid-week.
  • Remover – Finding the best available remover for a fair price can be difficult, but it will be worth the time if you can spare it. Remember, you want someone reliable and high-quality, though not extortionate. Comparing costs from at least five different candidates should allow you to find the best options available. That said, do not spend too much time looking; if you wait until the last minute to book, not only will you likely have to pay late fees but you could also struggle to get a slot with your chosen candidate.

How long does it take to arrange moving house?

Of course, the above only covers the tasks for when you actually have a property to move to. Before all of this, you will need to get your new home sorted, or there won’t be much point!

Mortgage approval

Securing a mortgage could be the most important part of finalising your move, so do not leave this until the last minute. Most movers will find a property beforehand and then apply for a mortgage based on it, though you also have the option of starting with ‘pre-approval’. This is when you put in your application first, before looking for somewhere with an appropriate value.

We advise speaking to an experienced local mortgage broker, one who is not tied to a particular bank or building society. They should be able to give you an unbiased picture of the market and recommend the best possible mortgage to suit you. Better yet, they will be able to handle the paperwork, and they may even take payment from the lender instead of you.

Once you apply for a mortgage, it can take anywhere from 5 days to 8 weeks to go through. Be sure to send in your paperwork early on in the week, as most financial institutions will be closed on weekends.

Selling your home

The first step to this will be getting your property on the market. A good estate agent can have your home listed on Rightmove and Zoopla within 48 hours. Your estate agents will also be able to offer photography services, which can be vital for showing your home at its best. If you do not have time to clean your home before showing people around, it could also be worth hiring a cleaner.

Most importantly, estate agents will be able to find reliable customers for the right price. They will be able to assess potential buyers and make clear exactly what you prepared to take for the property. They should even be able to conduct viewings while you are at work, allowing you to process your move without having to take too much time off.

Be sure to look at different local options before choosing an estate agent, as you will want someone who is both experienced and fairly priced. That said, even the best estate agent can take 4-10 weeks to sell a property on average, so do not wait too long to make your choice.

Finding a new home

This particular stage has several steps: the first will be searching for new properties, either online or via an estate agent. The latter will usually be the most efficient option (the best estate agents may even be able to show you properties which are not available online). It can be worth using several agencies if you are in a hurry, though even so simply finding a new property to buy or rent can take 1-10 weeks.

Once you find a property you like, let your agent know so that you can make an offer ASAP. Remember, you may not be the only person taking an interest, and the owners will need time to consider your offer. This stage can take 1-2 weeks, so it can be a good idea to have a few backup properties in mind just in case.

Completion of conveyancing

This essentially refers to handling all of the necessary paperwork to transfer the ownership of your new property over to you. You should always leave this to a professional conveyancer, as any errors could cause serious delays in the process.

During this time, it will be a good idea to book a surveyor to inspect the new property. This should only take a few hours, and will highlight any potential issues with the property before you move in.

Moving? Don't Panic!
Get ready with our top tips.
Home Removal Man and Van Vehicle Delivery Courier Service
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