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When it comes to renting or even owning a property, circumstances can quickly change. For some reason or another, you may suddenly find yourself suddenly needing to move in a hurry. It could be that you have a new job opportunity in another part of the country, or your landlord may decide to evict you. It could simply be that you have not had any time to properly organise a move which has already been arranged, leaving you with just a few weeks to get everything sorted.

Whatever the reason, the most important thing is not to panic. There are only a certain number of things to do in any move, so as long as you use what time you have wisely, there should be no problems.

So, what do you need to get out of the way with a last minute move?

Tips for moving house on short notice

Know how much time you have

This should definitely be step one! Knowing exactly how much time you have left will make it far easier to prioritise everything; remember, certain tasks can never be left until the last minute, even if you have no time to spare!

Leaving your most important jobs until the last second will usually result in one of two problems. The first will be having to pay last minute booking fees which, while not extortionate, can still add a few hundred to your bill.

The second is that the necessary services may not even be available. This not only applies to removers with busy schedules, but also banks and utility providers late in the evening or during weekends. If they are not open, you may not be able to send the required funds or process the necessary paperwork to finalise your move.

Find a remover

Finding out which removal companies are available at short notice can be difficult and time consuming, but it will be worth it!

For one, they will have the packaging, vehicles, labour and insurance on hand to ensure that all of your belongings arrive at your new home safely. More importantly, they will be experienced enough to organise your moving day, ensuring that nothing ends up slipping through the cracks.

Remember, removers will be able to use their time far more efficiently than you. Depending on how much needs to be packed and how far away your new home is, they will make sure that they are on the road in plenty of time. They can also get everything unpacked ASAP, giving you as much time as possible to get settled into your new home.

Granted, some removers have last minute booking fees for anyone who only books a day or two in advance, so it will still be worth calling early on if possible. Failing that, you should try to opt for a mid-week moving day, as removers will be more likely to have slots available.

Alternatively, you can try taking the initiative and asking some friends for help. If they cannot lend some labour for the day, they should at least be able to offer some valuable advice.

Get packing supplies

Due to the amount of time packing can take, it will be a good idea to get this job out of the way ASAP. Remember, you will need suitcases, boxes, bags, bubble wrap and packing tape, depending on exactly what you will be taking with you.

It can be simple to find free moving cardboard boxes as long as you know where to look. Local shops, particularly book stores and pubs, should have sturdy boxes to give away. All you will need to do is ask the workers what day they usually throw boxes out on, and show up to collect them before they get flattened. Failing that, you could also look for suitcases at local charity shops or freecycling websites.

Remember, strong packing tape will be essential, as will cushioning for your belongings. Bubble wrap is a good option, while newspaper is fairly easy to find. Be sure to plug up any gaps in your boxes with additional packaging, as this will prevent your belongings from moving around and getting damaged.

how to move a wardrobe


Organising a moving day can be a huge undertaking, especially on short notice, but there is a simply rule which can help you out: the less you have to pack, the easier everything will be!

Start by making a list of all of your possessions, including clothes, food, decor, furniture and so on. Next, sort everything into groups of what you definitely need to take with you and what you can do without. For example, in summer you could choose to get rid of your winter clothing, or if you are moving to a furnished flat you could choose to get rid of old sofas, wardrobes and other furniture. Remember to be harsh and exact if you are short for time!

One option is to sell what you can. Furniture and white goods in particular can usually find new owners without difficulty, providing they are in a decent condition.

Another possibility is to donate everything to charity. Most charity shops will be happy to take whatever you can give, and some may even be able to offer home pickup services for large or heavy items.

Finally, there is the option to ‘freecycle’ your goods. Websites like Freegle will allow you to post your belongings online, just in case someone local is willing to take them off your hands free of charge.

Remember, if there is anything that you cannot do without, leave packing it away for last. This could include work clothes, chargers, toiletries and so on. As for everything else, it will be best to start packing it away at least a week in advance.

You can read more about how to declutter your house before moving here.

How to sell a house quickly

All of the steps outlined above are much easier if you are looking to rent a property. Selling or buying a home, on the other hand, can be a lot trickier. Finding a buyer can take weeks, as can processing all the paperwork and legal requirements. Then there is the issue of searching for a new home, making an offer, surveying the property, hiring a conveyancer and applying for a mortgage: NOT something you can fit into the space of a few days!

That being said, there are still ways to make the best use of your time. One option is to utilise a quick house-sale solution, such as We Buy Any Home. These providers will be able to make free no-obligation offers for your property, though they may not be as good as what you can get elsewhere.

If you have the time, it will be best to use an experienced local estate agent. They will have a much easier time finding a buyer for your old home, even it means conducting viewings while you are at work. Finding properties in your price range should also be fairly simple for them, and they should even be able to arrange conveyancers on your behalf, though it will often be cheaper to hire one yourself.

Be sure to allow as much time as possible for this process. Ideally, conveyancing, mortgage applications and any other processes should be done early in the week, as most banks and estate agents will be closed during weekends.

Moving? Don't Panic!
Get ready with our top tips.
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