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Moving to a new office space can provide an excellent opportunity for growth. You can enjoy more room for new employees, a more convenient spot for meeting clients, or even a cheaper location. However, as exciting as it can be to move to a new office, the job doesn’t come without its share of difficulties.

Anyone who thinks that moving house is stressful clearly has ever had to move to a new office! It is not simply a matter from getting from A to B: you will also need to ensure that you can get your office up and running again as soon as possible. Any dragged-out downtime for your business could lead to unhappy clients and plenty of missed opportunities.

There is also a greater organisational aspect to consider. Many office managers plan ahead to have employees help in packing away essentials. Others arrange for their employees to work from home. In organising a business AND a moving day, you are essentially giving yourself two jobs to have to deal with – certainly not a welcome scenario for busy managers!

The best solution will usually be to hire an experienced removal company. Candidates who have organised their fair share of office moves will be able to provide expert advice on what you need to consider. For example, they should know how to pack away common electronic equipment such as computers, towers and printers. A reputable company should also be able to provide more than enough insurance coverage to cover your belongings.

Finding the right business removal service can be particularly important in urban centres like London, where office moves happen frequently as businesses scale up. Not only will an experienced firm know the best times to schedule your move, but they will also know the best ways to navigate traffic (to say nothing of the parking fines that London is famous for).

Are you planning an office move in London? Here are the most important things for you to consider!

Planning an office removal in London

Before we say anything else, it is worth letting you know the most important part of organising an office move: give yourself PLENTY of time! Planning and forethought will go a long way, not only in ensuring a smooth move but also in making sure that your business can keep running without any unnecessary delays.

Once you have a destination and a moving date, your first step should be to inform all of your employees. Most importantly, ask your team managers whether your plan is feasible, as they will need time to:

  • Pack away equipment
  • Reorganise meetings with clients
  • Arrange for employees to work remotely
  • Volunteer help or vehicles or the moving day itself

Generally speaking, you should provide at least three months of warning for your managers. You will also need to share details of your new office space, such as the layout and how much space your managers will have to work with. This should give them enough time to organise who will be sitting where, as well as where essential equipment can go. They will also need to know the positioning of electrical outlets, phone lines and so on. Remember, your managers will know their departments better than anyone, so be sure to take advantage of their advice while you can!

Next, it will be worth thinking about how to keep your business running during your move. Most businesses now rely on digital tools to deliver essential products and services. As such, it may well be that many of your employees will be able to work remotely, reporting to you via messaging programs like Slack.

If this is impossible, you may want to ask if your employees would be willing to volunteer vehicles or manpower to help with the move. While you may need to take out additional insurance to cover everything, having a few extra helping hands could still help things along.

There will also be certain tasks which will need to be reorganised in advance, such as any meetings you have booked with your clients. One option will be to arrange video chats instead using programs like Skype, though more often than not the easiest solution will simply be to have clients come to your new office instead. You could even use this as an opportunity to show off your new space!

Hiring an office removal company in London

London is the epicentre of business in the UK, and business is always evolving! However, moving to a new office in London is easier said than done. Not only can traffic be a nightmare during peak times, and even during the weekend, but demand can be excessive when it comes to the best removal companies.

As such, it will be crucial for you to plan your move as far in advance as possible. By giving yourself several months to get everything sorted, you should be able to avoid any unexpected or expensive delays.

So, what do you need to keep in mind when booking an office removal company in London?

  • Cleaning – Depending on the agreement you have for your current office, you may be required to clean it before you leave. Do not overlook this if you want to avoid fees! Your chosen remover should be able to recommend a local cleaner, or they may even provide the service as an optional add-on
  • Packaging – Having the correct packaging for your office furniture will be essential, especially when it comes to valuable electronics like computers and printers. A professional removal company should be able to provide this, along with the padding necessary to keep your office equipment safe and secure. Just be sure to alert your removers about everything you need to transport in advance, including dimensions and weight, so that they can provide the best packaging and vehicles for the job
  • Insurance – Your chosen removal company should be able to provide enough insurance coverage to protect your most essential office equipment in the event of an accident or emergency. Again, you will need to let them know in advance exactly what you intend to transport
  • Timing – Generally speaking, it is best to move offices in London during the weekend in order to avoid scheduling conflicts (as well as rush-hour traffic). However, removers are often more busy on these days, so be sure to make your booking far in advance!
  • IT infrastructure migration – Most organisations now rely on IT. As such, you will need to consider carefully exactly what you will need to have up and running at your new location. Be sure to think in terms of electrical outlets, broadband and equipment. You may even want to arrange to have some of your employees work remotely until everything is completely ready

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Moving? Don't Panic!
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Home Removal Man and Van Vehicle Delivery Courier Service
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